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According to child development experts, happiness is not something that you can give to kids, it’s something that you teach them. Happiness is an internal factor and about appropriate conditioning. Hence it becomes imperative that we help our child develop the requisite internal tools that would sustain and aid them throughout their life. The subject has been under intense scientific research recently. Today few well tried and tested tactics are available for all parents to get better results is securing a lifetime of happiness for their beloved kids. Some of them are:-Foster and Nurture ConnectionsIf your young darling is asked to talk about his/her happiest time, nearly all children would rant incessantly about the time spent with the parents and the activities done with them. An ideal gift for your child is “you”. It’s what is called a “connected childhood’ which makes them develop into emotionally secure and well balanced adult who can model all the positive aspects of that relationship. Simultaneously encouraging and assisting your child to develop healthy relationships with other members of the community like teachers, babysitters, friend etc would make them happier with healthier self-esteem.Allow for Plenty of PlayThe competitive trends of the modern times have led most parents to exert increasing control over their child’s activities. The “free play” or the self directed play is fast getting replaced with organized activities. This has affected their emotional development and given rise to depression, anxiety, and issues with self-control, attention etc. It has been scientifically proven that the unstructured or free play allows for self expression and for them to discover their own likings, strength etc. By allowing them more downtime, they become happier within themselves and are better able to manage their lives later.

happy parents proven scientifically- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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Make Room for Success and FailureOften parents try to swoop and protect their child whenever life throws a curve ball. But this is the biggest mistake of loving well-intended parents. They should be given ample opportunities to learn new skills and experience both success and failure. In spite of being difficult, the child should be allowed to struggle, experience both pain and failure and finally achieve the success. This not only brings him true happiness of achievement but also boosts his self esteem, confidence and the can-do attitude towards all future challenges with all zest and optimism that forms the key to a happy life.Create a Positive and Happy EnvironmentBefore the kids, it is the parents who need to have a stable and positive mental makeup so that they can transpire the same to their progeny. If there is an emotional issue or the marriage is strained, it requires immediate attention and repairing so that the children do not suffer. An unhappy couple cannot inbreed happiness in the child. Care should be taken that no negative feelings are presented to the child. Remember, the parents are the first role model of the child.It’s important to realize that nobody is expecting perfection. Introducing and nurturing the child to face the realities of life, mixed with scientific logic will ensure a happy carefree child.See how Happy Marriage=Happier Children here! Featured Image Source