School Diaries

“Mommy! You know what I did in school today?” Well! Well! How our ears thirst to hear this from our little ones when they return from school but then if only wishes were horses! Let’s see if we  can crack the code here with these handpicked eight solutions.Things you can do to get them spill the beans1. Post she returns and post she has finished all the chores of freshening up, eating, studying etc., sit with her and engage her in a game of carom or Monopoly or just about anything that she enjoys the most. While she is playing, you can don your CID cap and begin with  casual questions like – so was Nyah (or whatever her friend’s name is) present today? How was her day. Pick up the thread from her response and get going.2. During dinner time, you and your hubby can talk about the day gone by, specially at work. She would automatically jump in with details of what she did at school.3. Begin talking about your time at school, narrating one incident each day. This should ideally be done for may be 8-10 days and preferably during bed time. Once your child gets accustomed to listening to your stories, you can then get her to share hers. She would happily oblige.4. Make a chart each week and pin it in her room. The chart can have 5 rows for each day at school and may be 10-12 columns. Give her a free hand to come down and list things that she wants to share. Reward it with smileys / stickers for her to see the next day. This should be an encouragement for her to share more.


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Things you can say to get them spill the beans…1. Your teacher has added me to a WhatsApp group. This is to keep us informed of your daily activities. It would be a great idea to have you share things as well. At least I can verify the same with the feedback that your teacher would share from tomorrow onwards2. Okay! We have a deal. This is your book and this is mine and these are star stickers. Every day before we go to bed, we need to list down the top 5 things that happened in school and at home respectively. And then we can reward each other with star stickers if there is something  really interesting. At the end of the week whoever gets more stars wins herself two scoops of ice-cream!3. You think we need to change your school? You don’t seem excited going there I think. If that was not the case, I am sure you would have so many stories to tell me of what you did at school today. (this question can be tweaked to find out about her teachers as well…just incase there is something her teacher indulges in which troubles her)4. So you sit alone during your food break or is it like all of you sharing dabbas? I am sure, you wouldn’t be wanting to share yours, right? (this question in different ways has made me realize how much my little one enjoys sharing her dabba so that she too can have a bite from her friends snack boxes. Also, I realized certain food preparations that she thoroughly enjoys).