School Bus Safety for your Kid

School buses are meant to be the safest means of student transportation, yet, we parents have so many worries associated with our child’s journey to and from school. So many incidents of school bus accidents and child abuse being reported in news periodically only adds to our anxiety.Children not being monitored in school buses, buses going beyond speed limit, news of imprudent attendants taking unfair advantage and unfortunate incidents of molestation and abuse making it to the news, all this keeps us at worried and anxious each day until our kid comes back home. Here’s something each parent can rightfully ensure to safeguard their children in their daily transport ritual:
  • All school buses in India are mandated by Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to have an external colour of Golden Yellow. If your child’s school bus does not follow this primary rule, you have every right to bring it up with the school and have it sorted.
  • It is every school’s responsibility to ensure that the school buses are diligently serviced and maintained. In case you notice a discrepancy, make sure to immediately place a complaint in the school and have it mended.
  • Make sure the windows of buses are fitted with horizontal grills. This is will younger children from sticking their heads and hands out of a moving vehicle.

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  • Although there are very few school buses installed with seat belts in India, it is always safer to have them, considering the way buses keep exceeding speed limit every so often.
  • Ensure your child’s school bus has a fire extinguisher.
  • Be sure that the doors, windows and seats in the bus are not rickety, as this can be highly unsafe for the children.
  • Every school bus is mandated by RTA to have an attendant, including a separate lady attendant from school in the bus, until the last child gets off.
  • School buses are mandated to have all children on the bus sitting. They cannot have more children on board than the permitted seating capacity.
  • Direction of the Supreme Court of India for School Buses states that in the event of an unauthorised person coming to pick up a kindergarten child, the child should be taken back to the school and his/ her parents should be called.
  • In the wake of the recent violation of safety measures, it is now compulsory for all school buses to have CCTVs put up.
Parents Responsibilities: Let us parents, do our bit to contribute to the safety of school buses. Here’s what we can do:
  • Be on time to drop and pick up the kids at the bus stop. This will prevent the bus for spending extra time waiting and hence speeding later on to catch up for the lost time.
  • Always carry your identity cards.

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  • Teach your child the importance of traffic safety. They will then be more appreciative of the reason they have to follow certain rules while riding on the bus and hence be more cooperative.
  • Avoid calling the school attendant again and again in case of a small delay. This could prevent the attendant from attending to her responsibilities on the bus.
  • Immediately notify school administration of any violation or negligence you notice on part of the driver or other bus staff. For all you know, this could prevent a major mishap.
  • Educate your child about ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’. Have an open communication channel with your child and make sure he/ she confides any kind of inappropriate incident or behaviour, in you. Immediately approach the School Management and take the required action in case of any unacceptable behaviour.
Students’ Responsibilities: When children are taught to respect and follow rules, it can contribute in a big way. Here’s what we can teach our children:
  • Students should be trained with the right way of boarding and getting off. Rushing in and out of the bus without following the queue will cause unwanted fall and injuries.
  • Children should be taught to always remain seated while riding on the bus
  • They should be made aware that creating too much noise will distract the driver which can lead to an accident
  • Students should be told to maintain bus cleanliness and avoid littering not just inside the bus, but also outside on the road. Chucking things from the window of the bus onto the road is highly unacceptable.
  • Children should be taught to voice their disapproval when touched or spoken to inappropriately by the bus staff or any others.
Let’s ensure our kids travel safe. School Bus is a great place for kids to bond and make new friends, leading to several memories one can cherish for a lifetime!Image Sources: via Google Images