Saying these things on the bed is the key to great sex!

It can be a little hard to keep your sex life alive, we agree! If you took all the pains to spruce up your bedroom with scented candles and flowers and spent a bomb on that raunchy night dress, you definitely deserve a round of applause. But hey, that’s not all you need to have a rocking (erm smooth) night! Turns out that saying these things on the bed can be the key to an awesome make out session.

Here are phrases that will take your make out session to a whole new level!

1. Make me scream like last time

Reminding your guy about how horny he made you get, when you made out last time can be the best start to a steamy session. Plus, it reinforces that you really loved what he did and is a total ego boost for men.

2. Kiss me where I point

Want to tell him what you want? This works like a charm! This also lets you take control and leave little or no possibilities for an error.

3. Want to know the secret to making me moan?

Ask this and guide him to your hot spots! This is a super-effective way to let him know your sexy spots.

4. Tell me more

Getting your guy to talk about what he is doing can be a huge turn-on for both of you. This way you are both getting hornier plus you get to know his likes on the bed!

5. Slow down

No, we don’t mean to ask your guy to slow down. Letting him know that you are craving a slow move will help him ease up.

6. I so love this!

Groans and moans convey a lot, but how about spelling it all out? Yes, spelling out what you love can be a huge turn on for men and also make it ultra-effective. So say it out!

7. Let’s try something new!

Trying new things is the key to great sex. So shed your inhibitions and tell him you are game to try something new. Also, studies reveal that new positions work better once the man gets a go-ahead from his woman-magnet.

8. I love your.....

We all love compliments, but woman fall flat when they hear it on the bed. So men, now you know how to keep it going. Throwing in words like hot, sexy, seductive and vivacious are sure to make her feel really special.