Time to get out of the Box!

We have known it all along, but we chose to ignore it.  Now it seems to be in our face. Our beloved Maggi banned. Lead/MSG.  Somebody on facebook posted a really gross picture of a cut open frooti juice box with a couple of dead flies floating in it. A senior executive at a juice processing plant who is a family friend, requested us to stop drinking a particular brand of juice because he has seen the way it is manufactured.  But it is soooooo tempting, we groan. Yes it is. But we have to take a stance for the sake of our family’s health to limit this inflow of convenient JUNK packaged as healthy food. Anybody in our country can claim “Taste bhi, health bhi”- but if it is coming out of a box, fat chance it has anything to do with health.There are 3 problems with products that come out of a box:
  • Poor nutrition
  • High Sodium or Sugar
  • Chemical Preservatives
What they say but what it means:
  • Enriched – they removed essential minerals during manufacture (refining) and now are adding it back to the end product to enrich it, but it's unlikely to be absorbed by the body as well.
  • New and Improved – They changed the design of the box and they increased the price
  • Buy 1, Get 1 free – It is so bad that nobody is buying it that they want to get rid of it FAST!

healthy foodImage Source : Facebook

It is time, to pause, reflect and GET OUT OF THIS BOX. Try not to eat (on a daily basis) that which can be opened from a box and eaten straight away – Unless it is a carrot! It is way better to eat our Idly, dosa, roti, upma, khichdi than any of the modern options that we seemed to have gotten addicted to like sugary breakfast cereals and white bread sandwiches.  White bread is one of the worst things you can eat. One ayurveda doctor jokingly said, instead of eating white bread, you can eat poison!  White Bread is mostly made of maida and it has very little nutritional value. On white bread, we slap on sugary jams that are made with preservatives.  Yes, these are very convenient to make and eat when we are in a hurry. But, let us not make it a way of life. Marketers are out to get us. Even “chaas” and tender coconut water are now available in a BOX.We want things instantly. We want to pour things out of a box and eat it right away. We want to eat things in 2 minutes. But if this over processed, fast food becomes our way of eating all meals, we will also eat our way to to an early grave really fast.