Rujuta Diwekar’s 5 summer diet tips all moms need

When Rujuta Diwekar doles out fitness and health tips, you listen hard. Here, the celebrity fitness expert dishes out five tips related to summer diets that everyone needs to read now.

Curated from Femina

- Drink water out of a Matka and drink enough to ensure that your urine is crystal clear/ colourless. This helps lower the body's core temperature.

- Have a glass of kokum sherbet with soaked sabja seeds at 11 am as your pre lunch snack. This helps in restoring electrolyte balance in your body.

- Have Dahi rice (curd rice) for lunch or as a 4-6 pm snack. It helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is a good pre- and pro-biotic meal.

- Have Gulkand milk at bedtime. It ensures you have a restful sleep and is a natural coolant.

- Have mango everyday either with lunch or as a mid afternoon snack. Even diabetics should have it. It is rich in Vitamin B, calms the nerves and provides long lasting energy.