Rujuta Diwekar answers the why, when and what about eating rice!

Kareena Kapoor's fitness guru and our favorite celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has become the go-to for women who want to lose weight and get fit. "Sustainable fitness should be everyone's goal this year," says Rujuta. That said, Rujuta has also come up with a Fitness Project 2018, where she shares simple yet effective diet and fitness changes, which when incorporated in your daily life will bring in a remarkable difference. 

Who and what is the project about?

The project is open to all. You only need to sign up and Rujuta will give you one guideline to include in your routine. The project is 12 weeks or 3 months long and you need to add up every week's guideline. This means that by the end of 12 weeks, you will have included 12 guidelines which contribute to a healthy and fit body.

Well, that aside, in one of her recent FB posts, Rujuta addresses some of the frequently asked questions about rice. From whether you must white or red rice to how to cook it and what time of the day to consume it, Rujuta has answers for all your rice queries. Take a look!

FAQs on rice – The fitness project 2018

1. How to cook rice? 
Cook it the way in which it tastes the best, which is invariably how your grandmother used to. 

2. Brown or white rice?
Hand pounded or single polished white rice. Too much fiber in brown rice comes in the way of absorption of minerals like Zinc, crucial for insulin function. 

3. Which rice to eat?
There are thousands of varieties of rice in India, each one having its own distinct aroma and flavour. These aromatic compounds provide many nutritional benefits and work like antioxidants in the body, helping defy the effects of ageing. So eat the variety which grows in (or closest to) the region you live.

4. Rice and roti together?
Yes, you can if you have the appetite. 

5. What if we have late dinner? Can we still have rice?
Yes, it’s the easiest meal to digest. You can have it as khichdi or dal-rice. 

6. Can diabetics have rice?
Rice is traditionally eaten with dal/sabzi/meat/dahi, etc., along with ghee, and this lowers the glycaemic index of meals and is therefore totally safe for diabetics.

7. I feel hungry later if I have only dal rice?
Make sure you add ghee to your dal rice and eat slowly and with full attention. Have a glass of milk before sleeping if still hungry. 

8. How much QUANTITY?
If you have been having a wholesome meal between 4-6pm and are exercising and are keeping the gadget away during meal times, you will be eating just right. Nothing more, nothing less. More about quantity coming soon in the Fitness project guidelines.

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