Revealed! This is the sexiest spot to kiss your lady!

A long, profound, sexy kiss is hot and is the manner by which any sexual experience starts. Well, that said kissing is not the same when it comes to men and women. Just like in many other things, men and women have different areas of arousal and finding the right spot can be tricky. However, men, you definitely need to watch out not to kiss too hard on her neck and leave an ugly imprint or suck too hard on her bosom and hurt her. That said, kissing her in the right spots can lead to a steamy session and you definitely would want to crack it. So, here’s where you must kiss your lady love to get her down and dirty!

1. Lips

Kissing on the lips is definitely the right way to start off. Whether you are planning an intimate French kiss, a tongue activity or a suck on the face, make sure you are an extraordinary kisser who knows the difference between getting a kiss, a getting something more!

Beware: Make sure you shave clean or have a nice beard. Never get to the act with stubble or you are sure to hurt her delicate skin and put her off!

2. Neck

The neck is probably the most sensitive area of a woman’s body and it’s easy to arouse her by kissing around or on her neck. Play with your tongue, suck it in gently or simply kiss all over and you will see the animal in her.

Beware: Try not to leave love bites or a hickey. Women generally don’t fancy it much.

3.  Breasts

Well, we are sure you are well aware of this one! After her privates, a woman’s breasts are the most delicate part of her body. So start by kissing it gently. You could then move on to be a little more aggressive. While kissing on her bosom is sure to turn her on, the areola is the touchiest part. A few ladies can also accomplish climax by simply kissing or sucking on them. And while you do all of these, don’t forget to watch her reactions. She will either give you signals asking for more or try pushing you away in pain. So watch out!

Beware: Ever woman is different. While one may love solid grabbing or sucking, the other might just lose her libido with the slightest aggression.  

4. Waist

Just above her privates, lies yet another pleasure zone which can be an extraordinary teaser for what lies ahead. Kissing and sucking her around the waist also arouses organs that lead to her privates. So don’t miss out on this!

Beware: As you kiss further down, tell her how hot she is. Some women may not be agreeable of this and it might only backfire.

5.  Inner thighs

Inner thighs can be one of the touchiest areas in a woman’s body. If mere caressing can make her go wild, imagine what kissing can do. Start from her legs and work your way upwards. And finally when you are done with her thighs, gently kiss her vagina to make it wetter. Don’t get into oral sex yet. Remember, making her wait more can make the session longer.

Beware: Make sure you don’t caress her thighs too much or it can simply tickle her, leading her to burst out laughing instead of going wild.