Revealed! This is how Bollywood moms stay stylish post delivery!

Motherhood is a full-time job and I’m sure most of you out there will agree with me on this one. From sacrificing careers, sleep and even shower time, we mothers compensate on a lot, with a big, broad smile. And in between changing diapers, nursing and dealing with a cranky child, mothers hardly find time for themselves. But ever wondered how celebrities look prim and perfect at all times? Read on and steal their tricks.

Keep that mane short and sweet

If you love long mane, then its time you changed your likes! Having a baby is a full-time job and long hair only means as much time and effort. So opt for a short, stylish hairdo and keep it simple. Also, stay away from a style that requires a lot of time managing or setting.

It’s ok to skip makeup

Let’s accept it; we are just not going to have the time to put on layers of powder amidst changing diapers and calming a cranky kid. So skip the makeup and concentrate on your skin. As long as your dark circles are concealed and your lips are highlighted, it’s perfectly fine to skip the makeup. After all new mothers have a glow of their own.

Embrace your curves

Nature does things at its own course and your pre-baby body too will show up with time. So, embrace your curves and flaunt it with pride. Most importantly don’t let your sense of fashion die fearing milk stains or spit-up. It’s unavoidable, so embrace it with a smile.

Wear your confidence

Pick clothes that boost your confidence, even if it means jackets, denim, skirts or trousers. Always remember even if you are shelling big bucks on that denim which fit you like a dream, you can work it with an inexpensive t-shirt and look totally hot.

Concentrate on colours

Colours can make or break your look. If you are looking at hiding those problematic areas, pick a dark shade. Also, dark shades work better considering how messy clothes get with kids around. You could also pick one colour and go with it head to toe. Monochrome dresses never lose their spot!


We do agree that your diaper bag, stroller, and your baby are already too much to keep a track of, but accessories can completely change your fashion game. So play it well. Whether it a stylish diaper bag (which markets are flooded with), a scarf to use while feeding or a statement neck piece, accessories are the easiest way to up your fashion.

Say yes to sunglasses

Sunglasses are perfect to strike a style statement and to hide those tired eyes. So pick one which suits your face and skin type and flaunt your new look.