Rainy day fun activities for kids (no TV/gadgets!)

good indoor fun in monsoon- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Monsoon season is here. This means after school, outdoor play is not going to be possible for the kids. So, why not rather enjoy the weekends indoors? Yes, it is possible and easy to move from falling back on watching the TV or using the iPad to a fun-filled free time with the kids! But that needn’t be the case for an hour every day. Here are other fun activities to do indoors –1. BooksBooks are the best buds for rainy days – reading, writing, role-playing, discussing, anything is possible with books. And is so much fun too. For younger kids, select a fun book to read together every day and have fun with the characters, voices and the story by animating the narration for your little ones.

indoor monsoon fun with books- Parenting resources by ZenParent

2. CraftsSo. Many. Possibilities! Everything from drawing, coloring, making your own Play Doh, using toilet paper rolls as raw materials, to making paper mache or a puppet theater and everything in between, crafting has now become easier than ever. All you need to do is to look up a craft online (Pinterest is super handy) and get making it with your pint sized helper. The bonus? The end result can go up on the kids’ room wall or table to show off.

indoor monsoon fun with craft- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. Baby chefSet up your child for his/her future. Take the time to get them involved in simple breakfast/dinner preparation. Have them flip the omelette or pop in the toast, pour in the cereal and milk. If they’re older, teach them to make more complex dishes. Kids love baking. And since it’s all about measurement, it’s quite easy to let them measure and mix and of course, enjoy yummy treats when it’s all done. So easy!

indoor monsoon cooking- Parenting resources by ZenParent

4. Indoor tent/obstacle course/ treasure huntDepending on your child’s age, you can make something as easy as an indoor egg hunt or something more complex with instructions – a treasure hunt. Or even a tent or an obstacle course. The Internet is filled with so many ideas and no matter what you have at hand, you’ll be able to fashion something fun. All of these are ideas that kids of all ages love!

indoor monsoon fun treasure hunt- Parenting resources by ZenParent

5. Board gamesBreak out the board games. Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Cluedo, Risk – the choices are plenty. From 2 players to 12, from ages 4 and above, the games offer vast options from the brainy to the mindless. If you’re not the board games type, there’s always Carrom and Pool – again indoors. Get cracking!

indoor monsoon fun with board games- Parenting resources by ZenParent

6. Indoor PartyPick a theme and pick teams and have fun making a party out of it. This can be anything from a dance party to balloons to bubbles to even Lego. Whoever does cleanup gets ice cream!

indoor party fun for kids during monsoons- Parenting resources by ZenParent

A combination of these ideas will give you over 50 ways to entertain indoors and have a blast doing it. When everyone is happily tired from having all this fun, there’s always some popcorn to be popped and fun movies to be watched as a family. Or there’s always cricket.Enjoy this monsoon season and find fun ways to bond with your family!Image Source: via Google Images