Quiet Book for Kids: How to make one yourself

As a mother of a young toddler, I’m always on my toes running behind my super energized daughter (yeah, I get it! That’s the only way that I would run) and it sure does get exhausting for me! There are times when I wish I could just get some time off – some alone time when I can enjoy my personal space.On one such day when I just wanted some time off, I left my daughter with my mother and hit the book store (I always find peace here). As I was browsing through the different aisles in the kids section (like any other parents, I too am constantly on the prowl looking for ways to engage my kid), I came across this little book titled “My Quiet Book”.So what is it? It is a charming little fabric book, which contains quiet activities to engage small kids (aaah! This is a perfect gift for my daughter). These books can be used for kids in the age group of 2 to 5 and focuses on improving various skills – analyzing and sorting, motor skills, imaginative play, dressing up and even identifying set routes within an activity and come up with solutions to resolve a query. Quiet books are fun as they can hold a child’s interest for quite a while, as they engage themselves in the plethora of activities that make up the book.My daughter’s quiet book is a little red one which is a beautiful, hand sewn work of art and it contains the following fabric pages – shape sorting, tell the time, buttons, buckle up, snap buttons, tie the lace, zip up and touch. I also realized that this quiet book can be personalized and done at home, directed towards my daughter’s individual skill levels.So here’s what you need to do a Quiet Book at home:i.)    Felt in various colorsii.)   Scissorsiii.)  Felt glueiv)   Embellishments like buttons, snaps, Velcro, ribbons, stickers, magnets, beads and whatever stash is available at homev)    Binder Filevi)   Shapes to tracevii)  Pen/ Markers/ ColorsTrace the desired page length on the felt and cut them out. Punch tiny little holes that match the binder file. Here’s why I prefer a binder file – you can always add pages to the little book as and when you hit upon an idea and/or when your child starts losing interest. So if you intend to make a page, say for example – the alphabets, here’s what you can do. Cut out different letters in different colors. Outline them using a marker on the base page. Use a felt glue to stick small Velcro pieces on the letters (both on the base page and the cut outs). Add a few embellishments to make it more attractive and there, Your page is ready!

quiet book for kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

So go ahead and make your own pages to fit into your kid’s Quiet Book because you know what’s best for your child! If you’re falling short of ideas, there are some beautiful templates online which can be downloaded and incorporated. Have fun and utilize your free time making pages and brainstorming ideas. Trust me, once you start doing them, it is very addictive!Wait, do I hear some vessels rolling! Looks like my daughter’s time with her Quiet Book (and my time writing this article) is over. Time for some new additions then – do share your ideas! Would love to hear from you all! :)