Protecting our children in the new age


HandsTel was featured in the Economic Times dated November 17 in their Startups section. The article elaborated on our wearable HandsTel wristband that could alert parents instantly at the touch of a button by a child.  It is also possible for a parent to track the whereabouts of their child using the mobile app that is linked to the device. Using the latest technology, now parents can rest assured that they can reach their child anytime and the child can reach them any time in their hour of need.

The article describes the HandsTel belonging to the new age genre of Internet of Things (IOT) which refers to unique identifiers that can be worn by people, animals or affixed to objects that can transfer data over a network without requiring any human intervention or interaction. These devices are becoming increasingly popular today and it is expected that by the year 2020 as many as 26 billion devices would be available in this category.

Following the high profile rape incident of a 6 year old at Vibgyor High International School, parents have been really worried about the safety of their children. Schools do claim that they conduct a lot of background checks, however the number of incidents being reported in the news off late makes parents feel that they are in the middle of a social crisis. The HandsTel wristband gives parents a sense of control and the ability to do something about the problem instead of just being worried and anxious every time the child is out of their sight.

Schools have ramped up their security by implementing closed circuit television monitoring, GPS monitoring of school buses and informing parents about the arrival and departure of school buses through SMSes etc. However, these have proven inadequate to address the issue on hand. Despite all this, children are still becoming victims to predators, sometimes sadly with a few adults collaborating.