Himalaya Soothing Body Butter is perfect for skin changes in pregnancy


Perfect for skin changes in pregnancy

I am used to moisturising rather aggressively because I grew up in North India, where the winters are harsh. But on getting pregnant my skin has changed quite a bit. And as I do a lot of work that involves washing my hands often, I find my skin gets very dry.

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On trying the Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter, I found that immediately after application, it tends to feel a little sticky but that feeling disappears in about 15 minutes, leaving my skin feeling plump and moisturised. I usually apply it after a shower and my skin remains moisturised till my next shower which is about eight to ten hours later. In general, the moisture and softness of my skin has improved. Even on the days that I don’t find the time to moisturise, I find that my skin doesn’t look as dry as it used to before I started using the product. The fragrance of lavender is very mild and I really enjoy that. Sometimes, lavender scents can be overpowering and it triggers a sort of suffocation for me but this is very mildly scented and helps me relax and calm myself down if I am feeling stressed. The texture is light and easy to apply. I found no reactions on application and continue to use it every day.


The packaging size is too small if it is intended to be a body butter, because applying it on the whole body daily means it lasts only for about 10 days.

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I recommend this highly to anyone looking for an affordable, natural option to moisturising your body, especially when pregnant. It makes a big difference that it is free of parabens and mineral oil, because I am not keen on using those preservatives, especially during pregnancy


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Product details

Product: Body Butter (Lavender)

For: Pregnant women

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Soothing Body Butter

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Price: Rs. 120 for 50ml, Rs. 200 for 100ml, Rs. 320 for 200 ml

Anti-Rash Cream

Price: Rs. 75 for 20g, Rs. 150 for 50g

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Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml

Free from parabens, mineral oil, phthalates

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Also available in rose and jasmine fragrances.


Reviewed by Smriti Mishra in the 7th month of her pregnancy

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