“Pregnancy is a very personal thing. I would never flaunt it to the media”

If you ever catch ‘Mohra’ playing anytime on random movie channels, be sure to catch what is arguably the best erotica Bollywood ever produced by way of ‘tip tip barsa paani’. Raveena Tandon in a career defining song wears a flimsy yellow saree that was designed to show more than it covered. As she gyrates and thumps to the song in the movie Akshay Kumar’s reactions betray both arousal and admiration for her sculpted figure and creamy skin.

And she hasn’t changed one bit. Raveena, now 42 years old and mother to two strapping soon to be teenagers, has beautiful complexion and a laugh that is so real, it could only be happiness. While Aishwarya, one year her senior, had her first child five years ago, this actress started her journey at the zenith of her career.

Think of a star who is pregnant in recent times and the chances are that you’ll find the photos of the diva flaunting the baby bump on any easy search. Some photos are sweet where the couple pose, standing one behind the other and shape a heart with their fingers and place it on the tumescent. Some others show the star wearing the sexiest of dresses posing happily for the shutterbugs. Still others are commissioned pieces with photographers and a theme. If you don’t believe us try looking up Beyonce’s photo where she was a pregnant angel in a beautiful floral setting wearing a two piece, with a veil artfully draped over her corkscrew curls. Her hands protectively draped over her belly.

Raveena Tandon was a star before those times. The host of Sabse Bada Kalakaar, belonged to an era when stars were at paints to hide their belly. Today she is mother to 12 year old Rasha and 9-and-a-half year old Ranbirvardhan but still believes she wouldn’t show her baby bulge.

“It is every star’s individual decision to show off or hide, I don’t want to pass any judgements. Each one is free to do what they want. I didn’t do it then. And I probably won’t do it now. It is something I’ve never done. Pregnancy to me is a very private thing,” says the star wary of any controversy.

If she were to be pregnant in today’s time and date, would she like to grace the covers of magazines as a pregnant mommy? “I mean I never showed too much then (on silver screen) where is the question of doing it now? It’s just not me”

Fair enough. But she makes up for it by privately doing a hundred things with her children.

With her Son

“There are so many things you can do with your daughter, but much fewer things one can do with sons” She admits. Having starred in a movie by that name, Raveena plays cricket with Ranbir.

“ Then again I can’t play football” she says almost ruefully, as though upset that she can’t.


“I go for their classes like maths, really I do. And we do concerts, go travelling, discover restaurants, shopping, holidaying. I love historical places so my kids love them too.  We do museums (including the Museums in Mumbai), planetarium (Nehru, in Mumbai), watching National Geographic, Animal Planet together. So yes I am a very much hands-on-parent.”

As a couple

Truth is Anil is busy and away most of the time. When he is here he takes over spending time with the children. My share is a bit more because I take up their studies as well. So they are always on top with respect to their grades at school (Dhirubhai Ambani International School).They are acing and are doing brilliantly.


For my daughter’s 12th birthday we went shopping in New York. Just us! It was terrific. She bought the usual shoes and clothes. It was snowing in New York, so was lovely to behold. We even went for the Justin Beiber concert.


We recently went to Rome and had a marvellous time looking at the Colosseum and mausoleum.