Pregnancy and the pounds of love!

The moment we came to know that I was pregnant, we were so excited! I guess I was not mature enough to be happy about a life growing within me because there was no bump or movement inside my tummy yet, but then I was definitely excited about the midnight cravings!! It was more like I had just got a license to indulge in whatever I wished for, and yes I did make maximum use of those 10 months! Once the bump became visible and the baby started practicing martial arts inside me, the excitement and happiness only doubled. Not fitting into old clothes was something that I was happy about as it made us feel that the baby was growing!After our son was born, guests came pouring in, most of whom were strangers for me, but there was this one comment that came in common from many of them "Ohh you have put on so much weight!!" Initially I did not give it much importance but time and again I kept hearing the same thing, even from aunties who themselves were not in great shape either! There were instances I got so annoyed that I refused to hand over my baby to them! Instances where I wanted to ask them if in their generation ladies lost weight when they got pregnant. Instances where I got hurt, hurt because I was still healing from the mental and physical trauma of a 10 hour long labour ordeal, from the pain of stitches, and the difficulty fitting this into this new title “MOM”. The so called well-wishing visitors were more concerned about the weight I had gained than appreciating our darling baby.After 3 months, once I came back to Bangalore, there was more juggling -- cooking and baby and husband and household chores. I really didn't have time to think of those visitors and their comments but somewhere in my sub-conscious mind it was still there. The following 4 months were even more baby centric. When earlier the only thing to think of was what dessert I would have after lunch, now I had to think about the baby's sleep, food, and play time –the list just went on! A bit of yoga here and there, helped me in 3 ways – to lose weight, soothe my sciatica and was entertainment for the little one as well since I was mostly accompanied by a mimicking baby! I cut down on sugar (oh yes! It was indeed tough for the chocoholic in me) and carrying our big bundle of joy around helped me with my dumbbell workout. All these put together helped me in getting back to shape. I managed to shed 24.5 kgs in 8 months!!When I go shopping and the sales person directs me to a section of clothes which is 2-3 sizes smaller, I have this evil grin on my face thanking all those people and their comments for making it possible, yes I have not forgotten any of their faces either! So here I am a happy wife and a happier mom :)