Potty Training? Relax!

How I remember my aunt lifting my one and a half year old cousin suddenly in middle of his playtime, removing his cotton nappy and taking him to the washroom making weird sounds (something like sceeee sceee sceee) hoping he would pee. Eeee! I would wonder! Why can’t she just use a diaper and allow him to relax. But the answer would be – How will he learn then? And I would murmur – just as he has learnt to sit and move his hands and feet! As simple as that!Getting Potty Training Right Rule No 1.: There cannot and should not be a rule book Rule No. 2: Follow Rule No. 1No you aren’t making your child lazy It would be insane to have your little one have  control on his bladder and worse still, expect him to get up each time running to the potty when the need arises. And it is extremely silly to have the child be taken to the potty every two / three hours and expecting him to relieve himself. Neither of the above can be used as a parameter to judge how active and disciplined the child is. Relax. Till your child is two, it is strictly a no-no to enforce him to be potty trained.how to start potty training - ZenParentShut your ears to unsolicited advices We are sure advices and do’s and don’ts of child rearing fall in aplenty. But when it comes to any advice on potty training and a strict insistence on how important it is to potty train a child from a young age, feel free to shut your ears. At the cost of reiterating myself, there is no specific age where a child will learn this. The moment he is ready, you shall observe him not wanting to wear the diaper anymore. To share my personal experience, my little one would insist on removing the diaper when she would want to poo but was comfortable peeing in her diaper. I never insisted and by the time she was three, she would herself remove the diaper and walk into the washroom.Use Reward, not Force Once your child is two, provide him with his own little potty. Children learn by imitation. Show them how they have to sit on the potty without their diaper on. If you have no live examples to show (if children in your family of those from your buddy group) you can perhaps choose to check some online videos on Youtube. Each time your child is successful in reaching to the potty to relieve himself, you can perhaps reward him with a loud clap or a balloon to play with.* Though I had got my little one a potty for herself, she used it for all kind of play except sitting on it for the purpose it was purchased. I had to get her a potty seat instead. Hence I mentioned they learn by imitation.


Your younger sibling may learn fasterLike I shared before, child learn by imitation. So your younger sibling shall do away with the diaper at a much younger age. So please refrain from comparing this achievement of your younger one to make your older one feel embarrassed.By means of this article, we have no intention of promoting the use of diapers, but think about it… does it really make any sense in pushing the child to be potty trained at an age where they really are still in their free spirit phase?Featured Image Source