Is it possible to be fat and stylish

Being overweight doesn't mean you can't be fashionable and fabulous! You just have to make and break some rule. With a healthy dose of confidence and creativity and with a mind that likes to experiment, you can accentuate your positive features

Time to break the rules:

There are a lot of fashion rules that fat women are expected to follow. Most of these rules and concepts have been here for a long time. It’s time to break those rules, which limits their world of fashion to a few colors and patterns. Plus size fashion has evolved in recent years. Being fat doesn't mean you need to restrict what you wear in light of the fact that a few "fashionistas" are not able to find certain outfits appropriate for your body. Wear what you want with confidence and ignore the “rules” that hold you back. Here are some rules that deserve breaking.

Wear black to look slim:

If you follow this rule, you will not be able to enter the world of bright colors. The black outfit has a ‘power look' irrespective of the pattern. Agreed. Shutting yourself off from bright and bold colors cannot be agreed. Wear bright colored accessories along with your black outfits and see the difference.

Wear Shape wear:

Squeezing yourself into a shape wear every day may help to smooth out the lumps and bumps. However, shapewear comes with some health risks if worn every day. Blood clots, gastric issues, nerve damage, and yeast infections are some among them. You have to wear it while dressing up in a tight dress. But never use it every day as an attempt to look thinner.

 Avoid bold print and horizontal stripes:

In the past, it was difficult to find plus size clothing that was with horizontal stripes and bold prints as it is not counted as ones that suit the fat ones. Now, it’s fairly easy to find those on-trend pieces in your size too. There are a lot of fashion designers experimenting in this field. Pick one that suits you. After all, it’s not the dress that makes you look overweight or fat, it is being fat makes you look fat.

Figure out your style:

Once you get rid of the old rules that connect the fashion to fat, it is time to figure out your own rules and fashion statement. Your fashion concept should not base on "looking less fat". It should be something makes you beautiful and confident.

Go to a shop and try on the collections that motivate you. Nothing should hold you back. Figure out which part is best. Try out dresses that enhance your best parts. By the end, surely you will come across with some patterns and style different from your usual way of dressing.

Practice good posture

Everything depends on the manner by which you carry your body. If you fail to maintain a good posture, even after wearing trendy attire and accessories,  you will lose that fabulous look.

Keep your chin up high

Keep your shoulders back

Use stomach muscle to keep the body straight

Keep your spine straight

While sitting, keep the knees, lower than the hips

Hips should be positioned centrally to the upper part of the legs.

Walk in such a way that your body does not bounce up and down very much.

Tips and tricks on how to be fat and fashionable:

Wear undergarments of the exact size. Loose and tight ones should be omitted.

If your belly is a problem for you, a wide belt will help you to hide it.

Sparkly earrings and bright, colorful headbands will draw attention away from your body

Do not wear large outfits and oversized fabrics, because, contrary to common belief, it only puts more importance on the features, which you don’t want to emphasize.

A pair of perfectly fitting pants should always be welcome. If you can’t find one in any shops, you can go to a tailor to make one.

For curvier girls, pencil skirts should work perfectly, as they, like boot-cut jeans, as they embrace you in the right places.

Always opt quality over quantity.

A few exceptional and pretty accessories that suits you are:-

A couple of thick, beautiful bangles

A nice, big handbag

Long, dangly earrings that make your neck look elongated

 Large, bold jewellery, which suits the dress and face

Do not wear small, delicate shoes if you have big ankles or heavy legs. A nice, pair of boots is much better. They go very well with skirts and pants.

Take care of your skin

Keep hands and feet neat.

Apply trendy nail polish. You can try nail arts.

Use lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Take tips from a makeup specialist.

 Choose a hairstyle that suits your face.