Positive Parenting – tools to help you

We all want to be the ‘perfect parent’ who makes all the best choices for their kids, who is able to meet all the needs of their children and is totally in control of this journey called parenting. In case you have not yet realised – this perfect parent doesn’t exist. Each of us is learning, one day at a time making a fair share of mistakes.‘Positive parenting’ on the other hand is something which is achievable and something we can all strive for. These are the tips shared by Amanda Morgan in her e-book Parenting with Positive Guidance. The tools to it are simple and effective –1. Building your patience because one you need loads of it now and two because you are not born with it, you need to cultivate it. Patience is not something which will come overnight, this needs to be nurtured and developed. You never could have wanted more patience than when raising a child probably. It isn’t easy as our expectations tend to exceed what our children could typically deliver at their age. Having appropriate expectations helps the child succeed as now he/she is willing to.Another aspect to building patience is ensuring you have enough for yourself. You can only give what you have. So make time for yourself and help that patience develop.2. Trying to connect with your children so that when you do try to reason and correct them they are more likely to listen and accept. Just because you say this is right and this is wrong, it does not make it necessary for your child to listen and follow. Connect with your child, ensure he feels safe, loved and understood and see how he is more willing to understand and do accordingly.Connection again takes time to establish and every little gesture or action of yours helps establish and strengthen it.3. Balancing boundaries and choices, so that you instill a sense of security while empowering your children at the same time. Having consistent and predictable limits gives children a sense of security and though she may protest (vehemently sometimes) the boundaries do a lot of good. But then again, she also wants the power to choose for herself. It is tough choosing between the two as a parent, what you could do is set boundaries and let your child make choices within that framework. Chances are your fights are going to become less and you are going to help her build her skills while ensuring consistency. There’s no SET way to parent. We all discover what works for us and in doing that, find what we should be doing to achieve our goals. But the one thing we can all agree to do is parent more positively.