Planning to stop birth control? Be prepared for these!

So, you and your husband have finally decided to make the plunge? Congrats on that! Having a baby can be a life-changing decision. And we are sure you have done your bit of research on the A-Z of conceiving faster, being a good parent, handling a newborn and a lot more. However, before you become a mommy, there is one thing you must know before you finally stop your contraception.

For some, the body just bounces back to normalcy right after stopping the contraception, but it might take a while for a few others. So just to give you a heads up, here's what you might notice when you suddenly stop birth control pills.

1.    You could get pregnant instantly

Yes, you read it right! Birth control pills are taken to prevent pregnancy and that’s how your body stops producing an egg. However, once you stop it, ovulation might start within a week and your body might immediately release an egg. So, if you have unprotected sex during this time, chances of conception are only higher than ever.

2.    Your mood might fluctuate

Stopping birth control pills react differently on different women. While some women become peppy and happy, a few others become moody and angry. This is because birth control pills contain 2 types of hormones, estrogen and progestin. These synthetic additions normalize the hormones. So, once you are off the pill, you might get happier or you might get moodier.

3.    Your menstrual cramps might be a ‘PAIN’

Menstrual cramps are always a pain, but if you stop pills, the come back with a vengeance. Yes, you read that right! The cramps can be worse, meanier and angrier. However, it all depends on how things were before you started the pills. In case, things were not that awful, chances are, it might be the same.

4.    You may experience heavy bleeding

Once you stop birth control pills, you might experience heavy bleeding, depending on whether the lining of your uterus is thin or thick. And, you also need to be prepared for severe cramping!

5.    Your breasts might feel sore

Like we mentioned earlier, birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin. So, when you stop the pills, your body takes time to get back to normal and so do your dear breasts. And blame it all on the female hormones, your breasts feel like a pile of sac. Again, this varies from woman to woman.

6.    Your iron levels might take a dip

Some birth control pills contain iron. So, don’t be surprised if your locks looked more luscious when you were on pills. However, once you stop them, your iron levels might take a dip. So, be prepared to feel a little low on energy, experience hair fall or even look a little pale. But, fret not, all this is only because your body goes back to its regular ovulation process and you begin to lose the same amount of blood.

7.    You may experience low libido

Yes, that’s true! The synthetic elements in birth control pills lets you experience fewer hormonal issues. However, this also causes a drop in the testosterone levels in the body which is why you may have acne, unwanted hair growth and a high sex drive. But, when you stop the pills, the testosterone does not bounce back immediately. Due to this, some women are unable to enjoy sex as much as they did before.

Well, while all these might sound scary, there is nothing to fret about. Things will eventually settle down. So, relax and focus on making your baby!

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