Photos you should NEVER share of your child

The prevalence of social media is blurring borders all over the place. People are losing track of what can be shared and what shouldn't. 

Here's an easy guideline to follow when you're deciding which snaps of your kids to share -

1. If you think that they might not want the picture made public (now or years down the road, if they're little), then don't share it. It's as simple as that.

2. If a photo is embarrassing, unflattering, or seems like it should be private, then respect your child — ask them if they're old enough — and keep it in the confines of your own photo library.

3. If the photo has any nudity or exposure (no matter how young the child), please don't share it. There are all sorts of perverts out there.

So easy to understand and yet so hard to follow. Not.

Team ZenParent