How can Parents Monitor TV Watching in Children?

Control TV watching in children- Parenting resources by ZenParent
As in all households these days, I am also faced with the predicament of how much TV time should be granted to kids. And I am not talking about just number of hours they should be allowed on a weekday after school or on a weekend, but which programmes to let them watch. When we were growing up, the choice was so limited that there was no issue at all. Now we are inundated with programmes across numerous channels. What TV serials are good for a 12 year old? Is it alright for a 16 year old to watch serials meant for adults? How do the children today know so much about TV fare? TV certainly seems to be a big topic of conversation among school kids, with peer influence being very strong.Since many of the choice programmes are not telecast at a convenient time, children take up the option of downloading these from youtube and other sites. So it is now a bank of serial episodes available on their laptops for anytime, anywhere viewing! Many parents have indulged their teenagers with laptops and mobiles and this makes these devices an easy way for kids to see content of their choice.Are we as parents in sync with what our kids are watching? Do we agree with their choices? What can we do to ensure they are watching age appropriate content?Here are a few suggestions:
  • Have a chat with your kids, ideally as a family and make a list of programmes they are allowed to watch.
  • Review these programmes online to understand and approve their content for your kids.
  • Make it very clear to each child what they just cannot watch and what the repercussions would be if they don't stick to the kids TV viewing policy at home.
  • Enlist the older sibling's help in keeping an eye on the younger ones  viewing habit. This gives the older one a sense of responsibility as well.
  • Discuss at meal times what they are watching. TV and music are a big part of their lives.
  • Keep communication channels always open with your kids. Don't give them a chance to hide things behind your back.
Happy Viewing!