Parenting- The Marathon

Are you a runner ? Have you ever run a half marathon? If your answer is yes, then you will relate to what I am going to say.. and if your answer is No, do not worry, as a parent, You are still a long distance runner :)I was running my practice long run on the weekend. This is part of my training routine for the half marathon that I signed up for, on a whim. I have never run a half marathon before. The maximum I have done is 10 km. I am not a runner. And when I say that, I mean.. I don’t really enjoy running. Some people, like my husband, get into a meditative state when they start running. The endorphin kick in and they feel a mild sense of euphoria (I am guessing from the way my husband delights in running)- Now.. that never happens to me- I run with a goal in mind- when I somehow got this zany idea into my head that I had to do a half marathon once in my life and signed up for it.

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And as I was panting through the grind , in the 7th kilometer, feeling a little overwhelmed at the task ahead of me , it occurred to me that parenting is kind of like signing up for a Half Marathon. Initially, you are so excited when you sign up for it – it is a nice accomplishment and you want it and you either have something to prove to yourself or to the society or whatever- much like parenting, where you feel that in some way it is going to add value to your life. You get started on it, sometimes on a whim – and then the grind begins- 21 kms of running- much like the 21 years of your kid’s life (most probably) -  You start off jogging (the pregnancy warm up ) and then the run begins- when you start getting tired,  you start having these thoughts ..“Why did I sign up for this thing! Is this necessary?” – much like those restless nights with a cranky baby  - you are pacing up and down the hall, wondering if this self inflicted torture was necessary – And much like parenting , once you start the race, you cannot stop – it would be a waste of all your training efforts if you did – You have to keep chugging along- once the baby is here, there is no turning back – you have got to complete the race – And through the run, you are plagued with self doubts of your competency- you have to keep pepping yourself by constantly telling yourself that you are strong  and you can get through this-  pain – which you push through- a niggle here , a niggle there- slight soreness in your knees- this too shall pass , you tell yourself...You hit rough patches in parenting too- like the teen years, where you are sometimes gasping for breath and yet you trudge through, hanging on to the faith that it will all work out- and in the end when you complete that race and hold that medal , hopefully when your kids are off to college, you feel a sense of accomplishment of a job well done. Parenting a crazy marathon that we all sign up for – what a run it is !Click here to read how to find some 'me time' in the race, called parenting...Featured Image Source