Parenting in India: THIS is what its like!

Every country has its own style and culture and moms in those countries thereby follow particular way of parenting. Over the course of my journey as a mother, I have realized that there are certain parenting nuances and approaches that are exclusive to different countries given their social, religious and economic factors. Sure enough, there are also certain aspects of parenting seen in many Indian families. Here are five unique things about parenting in India.

1.     Family support

Although the concept of nuclear family is gaining prominence, the joint family system is not a thing of the past. In India, the extended family plays a vital role in the upbringing of the child. Well, although most new moms definitely detest too many noses in her business, the culture has not died down. Grandparent play a huge role once the baby is born. From naming the child to pampering and taking care, grandparents shape the child’s future as much as the mother or the father. Indian children also grow up to become extremely dependent on their families for their life decisions like higher studies, job choices, marriage, and even staying apart from the family.

2.     Focus on academics

There might be a plethora of options out there in the current era, but Indian parents still have a soft corner for Engineering and Medicine. A very small percentage is trying to drift away from the cliché and experiment with off-beat options. Indian parents still have a long way to go as far as bringing a balance between focusing on academia and encouraging alternate interests in their children goes. 

3.     Conservative approach

We might be imitating the West in terms of fashion, food and technology, but our conservative approach still remains the same. Drugs, smoking and drinking are all considered against Indian culture and parents also abstain their kids from the same. While this is perfectly fine, the sad part is subjects like sex and periods still remain topics which are not discussed openly in the house. High time Indian schools included sex education to high school students in the light of the ever-growing population.

4.     Discipline

Indian parents have absolutely no qualms in being strict with their kids. Over-indulging is never a thing in an Indian household. The kids are often taught to earn and deserve only what they get. For example – if a child performs well in school, he is rewarded. Similarly, if he performs badly, he is punished.

5.     Life values

Like it or not India is a land of varied cultures and traditions and kids are taught to take to one religion or more. Prayer, reading out stories from holy books and thereby learning life values is a common practice in every Indian home.

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