Parenting in 2018: This is what it is going to be like mommies!

When it comes to parenting, there is no hard and fast rule. Every child is different and so is every parent and therefore their parenting style. But, as the New Year kicks off, we feel a few parenting trends might rule the coming year. Here’s your chance to take into account everything from gender neutral toys to fancy nurseries and baby names.

Gender neutral toys

Barbies for girls and cars for boys! Well, that has been the norm all this while, but it looks like mommies are having fun breaking the stereotype. Parents are open to buying pinks for boys and blues for girls, giving kids equal access to new concepts, without limiting their boundaries. It’s for them to decide what’s more fun, after all. And this emerging trend is only going to get bigger this year.

Earth babies

This year is going to be all about reducing waste and mommies are going all out to do their bit. Organic is the new buzz word this year! From bed spreads to clothes, food, diapers and spill-proof plates, mommies are opting to go the organic way. And it is also their way of showing how much they care for Mother Nature. In fact, green parenting is one of Pinterest’s top trend predictions after the social media platform saw a 750-percent spike in saves for eco-friendly clothing.

Paternity leave

Gone are the days when only mothers had the benefit of staying at home soon after they welcomed their new born. The Paternity Bill Benefit may soon be discussed in the Parliament and may see the light of day, allowing the Indian fathers to take leave from work for childcare. Indian fathers are trying to catch up with their western counterparts by taking some time off their work schedule and helping the new mom.

Feminist Parenting

The #Metoo revolution not only triggered hue and cry in media, Bollywood, workplaces and almost in every other place, but also made us realise our responsibilities of raising feminist kids. It has given all parents an opportunity to raise feminist, body-confident, compassionate and respectful little humans, regardless of gender.

Baby names

Talking about baby names, it looks like our celebs have set some high standards in the past year. Taimur, Radhya, and Zack are some names that ruled the roost in 2017. And going by the trend, it looks like naming babies after Royals is a trend that is catching up.

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