Parenting challenges faced by widowed moms

Being a single mom ain’t easy. But being single because your husband died is much worse. There are so many additional challenges that widowed moms face in a country with a lot of taboos like India. This excerpt narrows it down -
  • Playing Two Roles
Parenting challenges faced by widows are far greater in number than those faced by a couple raising a child together. Widows bringing up a baby have to play the role of both mother and father. In such a situation, the personalities of the individuals and also the circumstances in which the child is being brought up affect the upbringing and also the smooth functioning of the house.Parenting challenges faced by widows are immense; as they play the role of both mother and father, they might feel overwhelmed by the load of responsibilities that is on their shoulders therefore, it is of utmost importance that they have excellent organisational and time management skills.
  • Coping with Grief
Most of the time, a widowed mother not only has to deal with the challenge of raising a child all on her own, but also has to cope with the loss of a spouse. There is always someone to turn to in a two-parent family but for widowed mothers, this option does not exist. This task of having complete responsibility of a child can be seen as a gift and at the same time a burden but nonetheless, it is an experience like no other.2

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  • Dealing with Loneliness
Dealing with the loneliness is one the most challenging problems faced by widowed mothers. There is always the prospect of the mother finding someone new to share her life with but this happens only rarely.
  • Financial Problems
There is the financial stress to deal with as unarguably, a single parent household has less income than a two parent household in most cases. Just surviving is not enough. When you have a child, you want to provide him or her with the best that money can buy and also provide long term financial stability.
  • Dealing with Stress and Frustration
Another parenting challenge that widows face is dealing with the stress and frustration that comes with taking care of so many duties and responsibilities and not letting that stress affect the child in any way. When it comes to household chores, children in single parent families usually help out more as compared to two parent families but then again the major brunt of the household responsibilities lies of the mother’s shoulders.Taking care of children is a full time job and it is one in which there is no place for mistakes or second chances. Even though parenting challenges faced by widows are far superior than those faced by two parent families, there is no denying the fact that raising a child is the most fruitful and beautiful journey that a person could take.This post is from here.