Over one lakh likes! The internet is simply drooling over this picture of Maddy daddy!

This one picture of R Madhavan has doubled his intsagram followers, garnered over one lakh likes in two days, is trending and how!!!

Fresh out of shower Madhavan looks heart meltingly good in this picture. The salt and pepper look coupled with that sexy half-smile, maddeningly pink and luscious lips is making women grow weak in their knees. There is something about the light in this picture too. Its morning light that is soft and flattering and perfect to bring out the sexy caramel tones in the eyes of this dusky actor. Girls are gushing and blushing and falling-in-love with this timeless actor, who knows how to look sexy at every age.

Fresh out of shower Madhavan looks sexy enough to melt away all your blues.

Madhavan is currently shooting for Vikram Vedha that is loosely based on the folk tale of Vikram and Betaal. The modern spin on this classic is that he is playing a cop and the betaal is a mean gangster. We like the idea already!

Madhavan came into flak last year for his on-again off-again weight problems. In this picture you can see what clean living and fresh eating can do to you. Not only has Maddy shed his extra poundage, he also looks sexier than ever before!

Did you know what attracts a man to a woman. No its not looks, its this!

Which Madhavan do you prefer? The fresh out of shower, clean shaven or the one with rakish cowlick on his forehead with salt and pepper beard?

Here we are officially running a poll on zenparent.in. Write in and tell us your favourite Madhavan look and we will publish your response and photoshop your image with the actor himself. Why? For the simple pleasure of nainsukh, that’s why. (Nainsukh loosely translates to eyecandy.)  

Here is the second picture that is dramatically different from the first. Here Maddy looks like a lovable rogue who is just pulled a prank and is quietly laughing at your discomfiture. This unshaven look looks laidback and sexy and needs to be viewed sitting down only. Otherwise it can be injurious to your health.

The lovable rogue look is classy and laidback but intensely masculine.

Need some Monday Morning inspiration? Here’s someone you will love to love- Anshu Jamsenpa.

The third image for today’s poll is this one. It has Maddy looking oh so cool in a chocolate boy avatar. He is clean shaven and delectable in a ‘can take him home to show my mum’ kinda look. If this picture makes you want to pick him up and ‘add to shopping cart’ then that’s just what we are here for you. Write in and tell us you like the third picture. Matter done!

Clean shaven, chocolate boy with silky hair and luscious lips.

Remember to write in and tell us the picture you liked best! We know you are gonna be drooling about these images for the rest of the week.

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