Over One Lakh Children Go Missing in India Every Year – How do You Keep Your Child Safe?

“Nobody seems to care about missing children. This is the irony.” This was a remark made by a Supreme Court bench in 2013 and directed towards the Central and some State Governments for their failure to file status reports on the issue of missing children.

According to a government report, over 3.25 lakh children went missing in India between 2011 and mid-2014, i.e. over one lakh per year. A study by National Crime Records Bureau states that a child goes missing every 8 minutes in India. A different study states that over 44% of missing children remain untraced. Irrespective of the report one is referring to, the statistics paint a worrying picture.

Missing children are often victims of kidnapping or child trafficking, some run away to escape unhappy homes and, some just wander away and get lost. NGOs and government agencies agree that tracing a child is a herculean task requiring alertness, promptness and (often) cross-organization coordination.

The matter becomes worse when the missing child is very small, differently abled or autistic. Such children just can’t or sometimes are not able to communicate properly, unable to provide accurate addresses or phone numbers and every often can’t even recall the landmarks near their homes. Tracing and returning lost children to their home is a challenging task. Everybody should be concerned, especially the parents of the young ones.

So how do parents protect their children at all times? Children will have to go to schools, go outside to play, travel by school buses and their parents can’t watch over them all the time. In fact working parents may have to leave their children at crèches, play areas or with other kinds of care-takers. Faith and trust won’t help. Background verification may not be enough. So what do parents do? How can they watch over their children at all times? The answer lays in technology – GPS trackers for kids.

GPS trackers for kids are designed differently from generic GPS trackers. These child tracking devices are designed to be compact, light and inconspicuous. They provide frequent and reliable information on a child’s whereabouts. Some look like watches, while others fit into a backpack or blend with the background. Some advanced child trackers even have SOS buttons to ping multiple contacts, have geofencing capabilities and even one or two-way calling facilities.

Tracking devices for kids can put parents’ minds at ease and are perhaps a need of the hour too. Parents, who get their children GPS trackers, will usually never have to worry about not knowing where or how their kids are. India will keep changing fast and parents would need to become better at protecting their children without becoming intrusive or paranoid. Child tracking devices are one of those means with which parents can let their kids be kids.

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