Online Game Review: SpiceToons

Spicetoons - Review by ZenParent
Spicetoons is a multi player online game. It is on the lines of Club Penguin and Moshi monsters which is about a virtual world but Spicetoons also has some learning thrown in. Children can choose a male or female profile and give it a name. Parent’s email is required to login to the portal.About the Game: Once the child has logged in they need to pick a server (Apple). There are many places to be explored in the virtual world like Spicetoons city, JimJam fun station etc. In each of those places kids have options to build things, play math games, word games, wear disguises, choose props etc. Kids can also buddy up with other online friends by sending and receiving friend requests.Plus: The visuals look good. Kids had a lot of fun in the tricks room with the gadgets and inventions. The math games were fun and the shapes games kept them engaged. The Masti point was fun for the kids as they giggled at the jokes. There can be a lot of value addition through these brain games for children.Minus: The Junk yard is mainly to gather resources for the invention, but is not very intuitive to use and kids were not sure what to do besides walking around. It was a bit odd that the characters Jimmy and Jammy did not actually speak with audio, but have call outs above their head. Would be good if there’s some background music as well. The world is still in its initial stages of development and new features seem to be getting incorporated weekly.Cause for Concern:  My 10 year old niece was playing online for an hour.  Another character sent her a friend request which she accepted.  Her avatar was sitting in the park, when this friend came and set next to her and asked her “Do you like boys”.  As a parent this is a cause for concern for me. However, when I got in touch with the company who created the game, I came to know that there are GM Avatars (or community managers) to monitor the behavior of all users and unsavory conversations result in an immediate ban from the world.Click here to check this game out!