OMG! Watermelon dress is the cutest social media rage right now, and we love it!

Everywhere we turn, we are seeing a half-eaten watermelon super imposed on a happy child. And we love it! As a fruit, watermelon is the kind of blessing every mother needs. It replenishes your child's body with water and vitamins and nourishes that happy toothy smile that is at the very heart of mommy-hood! Here's that watermelon sprinkled with some chat masala.

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All over the ‘gram, people are sharing their #WatermelonDress.

Basically, the trend involves getting a slice of watermelon, cutting or biting it into a dress shape, then getting a mate to hold it aloft in front of you while they take a picture.

And voila, you have a photo of yourself wearing a watermelon dress.


Catching up with the trend: The ultimate fashion statement ??? #Watermelondress #PatillaFan

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Most people have their picture taken in a bikini, so it looks like the watermelon is all they’re wearing, but feel free to do it naked or fully clothed


#watermelondress #wassermelonenkleid #melonenkleid #trend2017 #melone #melone #antenne1 #backstage

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Whatever makes you feel comfortable

It’s an inclusive trend, which is great

And everyone’s doing it

Even dogs


Oh hey there. Have you seen a dog wear a ??? ?#watermelondress

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And celebs


Had to try it... #watermelondress

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You can go for a simple watermelon style…


No worries @kacielip I got it right herrrrrrr #watermelondress ?

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…Or for something fancy


The new watermelon fashion trend #sumerfashion #watermelondress #watermelon #ilovemyjob #summerinthecity #pijarki

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Get creative


??? #watermelondress #havefun #mood #sunnyday #sayestothedress #newdress #whynot #лето #платьеизарбуза #california

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Plus, as well as getting a sweet Instagram pic, you get a healthy snack. Hooray.


wearing my favorite fruit today ?❣️ #watermelondress

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