OMG! This mommy went on a vacation without her kids (For a reason)

Imagine waking up late, without the mad morning rush, breakfast wars, and absolutely no demands to be met! Sounds like a fairy tale? Well, it does for most moms. Waking up doing do nothing almost becomes a distant memory once you are a mother. But, what if we tell you it is important you step out of those mommy shoes once in a while and go back in time?

Yes, holidaying on your own (or with your partner) can be of immense benefit. And trust us, when we say child-free vacation, it is not only for your mental sanity and wellness but for your kid’s as well. Still, don’t believe us? Take cues from Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar.

Bollywood’s coolest parent Twinkle and Akshay went on a European holiday and boy we are going green with envy! From roaming the streets hand-in-hand to enjoying some ‘me ‘ time, the couple was spotted having a gala time. Seen the pictures yet?

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That aside, here is why we are big advocates of a child-free holiday:

1. Your kid learns to be responsible

In your presence, everything is taken for granted. After all, what are mothers for! From getting food on time to wearing a fresh pair of socks every day, there is just nothing that slips. But you being away can actually make your kids wonder about who will do these things and in turn, lead them to learn little things. From packing their bags to going to bed on time and having their own food, kids will develop a sense of responsibility in your absence.

2. You will love your child (a bit more)

There’s a reason why they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Staying away from your kids gives some breathing space in the relationship. Also, you are refreshed and rejuvenated after a vacation, so you are bound to fulfill your responsibilities to the fullest.

3. Lets you converse beyond nappies and naps

Like it or not, after you become a mother, your conversations with anyone, even your husband revolves around the child. From how many times he pooped in a day to what he ate and did, becomes the core of your conversation. Make up for all this and more and re-live those carefree days talking about each other.

4. Keeps frustration at bay

Anything that is done with zero breaks can get frustrating. Even motherhood! While there cannot be a permanent solution to this, taking a break for a few days can curb you from snapping, yelling or getting annoyed with your little one (at least for a few days).

5. Social interaction

Leaving your child with your parents or sibling will give him/her an opportunity to bond with them. Also, it will increase his social interaction and help him be more confident.

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