Omg! Their pregnancy complications will shock you!

Announcing the big news is definitely special for every woman, but it's only later that reality hits. Pregnancy is a bittersweet experience for most women and these celebrities are no different. From going up and down the hospital gates to staying glued to the bed, these celebs battled a little too much during the nine months. Here’s a list of celebrity moms who faced complications during their pregnancies. 

Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cambridge made headlines for her medical condition during pregnancy. She suffered a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This caused severe morning sickness, so much so, that she was also hospitalised for the same. 

Aishwarya Rai

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Aishwarya conceived when she was 34 and not many knew that she was artificially inseminated. While the gorgeous actress spoke very little about her pregnancy, she battled severe mor1ning sickness. However, she did it all with a big, broad smile!

Farah Khan

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Farah conceived when she was 43, which of course was no easy task. Age apart; Farah had to undergo the grueling procedure of IVF to get pregnant. Farah describes the procedure as extremely painful and one which only women can go through.


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Kajol had an ectopic pregnancy, which led to a miscarriage. The doctors informed her of an immediate need to operate and post the operation the couple lost their baby. But Kajol was fine and conceived her second child, a son in 2011. 

Salma Hayek

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When Salma conceived, she had a whole lot of complications. Gestational diabetes, weight gain and carrying a baby diagnosed with Down ’s syndrome, made the journey a terrible one for her. However, her baby was born healthy and is now her mommy’s favourite travel companion. 


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The model-turned-chef suffered from Endometritis, a condition which causes severe menstrual cramps. Endometritis is a condition in which the cells that line the womb grow outside it, in the uterus. Her condition was so advanced that doctors told her she may not be able to conceive even through IVF. However, she later conceived and delivered a miracle baby in 2010.

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