Not having enough sex? THIS is what might happen to your relationship!

The current fast-paced world we live in, leaves us with almost NO time for sex. When was the last time you enjoyed an intimate time with your partner on bed? If you are thinking too long to answer this, then you must read this post. Although there is sexual imagery everywhere, couples are having less sex than before. And studies have revealed the same. However, this practice is definitely not a healthy one. So, if you have forgotten to ‘get busy’, this is what might happen to your relationship.

Sex is vital to your relationship

Sex is a normal part of every healthy relationship and not getting enough of it can lead to frustration, lack of emotional connect and even lead to couples heading for a divorce. Think of it this way: sex is the only thing you share ONLY with your partner. You might have a whole lot of family and friends to share your emotions, but this is something that makes you more than merely friends or roommates. A good sex life not only keeps your relationship going, it is one of the key anchors of a healthy relationship – the glue that holds you together!

Offers more emotional intimacy

Talking about your likes and dislikes on the bed, strengthens your bond and also builds trust. This brings you closer, forges deeper levels of intimacy and openness and also gives room for understanding each other better.

More commitment

Having prolonged dry spells can ultimately lead to depression, sadness and ultimately divorce. Experts reveal that when sex leaves a relationship, it is a clear sign of the relationship itself hitting the rock bottom.

Better quality of life

Sexual intimacy makes your life better, healthy and happy. This is because when you have sex hormones called oxytocin and endorphins are released. These happy or feel-good hormones fosters feeling of attachment and bonding with your partner.

It makes you smarter

Yes, this is true! Sex can actually make you more intelligent. A 2013 study conducted at the University of Maryland showed that mice who were allowed to have sex demonstrated better cognitive function and mental performance.

Sex has physical benefits

If the emotional benefits were not convincing enough for you, here’s a look at the many physical benefits sex can give you. Sex has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, strengthen the immune system, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and ease stress. It also improves self-esteem and lowers anxiety and depression. Sex also helps improve erectile dysfunction in men and improves vaginal health in women.

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