5 Ways to Party with your Kids on New Year’s Eve

As parents, sometimes we cannot participate in the kind of New Year parties that adults with older children can attend, or couples who can find babysitters for their kids can attend. But for those of you who are looking to make it a fun evening with your little ones, here are a few ideas:DRESS UP! Just because you are at home, doesn't mean that you should not wear some nice fancy clothes. This is a great time to give your children a free hand in their wardrobe to wear whatever they want to look fancy. It can be a hilarious and delightful activity to see what THEY think is fancy! Get some party noise makers (available in any party supply stores for kids' birthday parties) and you are all set!dress upWHIP UP A FANCY MOCKTAIL: Look up recipes online and come up with a delicious non-alcoholic drink. Give it a fancy name like “Gorange Mai tai “(Grape and orange juice mixed with soda) or if they are old enough, get your children to come up with a cool new drink with a fancy name for the family. Most importantly, serve it in fancy glasses!15217075069_be868accb0_qTHE MEAL: Try a different kind of a meal than you always serve. We are always worried about our kids eating healthy. For one day, let them pick a fun menu of all the things they love to eat! Maybe an “all chat” menu or a fondue menu!  It would be an absolute gourmet delight!foodSTAY UP LATE: Kids find staying awake on New Year’s Eve very interesting. Maybe watch a favourite family movie together so that you can wish each other at the stroke of 12! Another great idea might be to watch all the home videos that were taken during 2014. It would be a great time to laugh over all that you did that year!Slumber PartyFIREWORKS: If you have any Diwali fireworks left, go outside at midnight and have your own fireworks! Who said fireworks are only for Diwali! Kids will love it (Next year maybe plan to HAVE left over fireworks for New Year’s!)fireworksFinally, if you have little ones that cannot stay up till midnight, no worries, it is New year SOMEWHERE around the globe earlier… tune the TV to a channel where they show Australia welcoming the new year and celebrate it with your child !!