New moms, this mistake can make your breasts look uneven!

For most new moms across the globe, one breast naturally produces more milk than the other. And one breast also appears bigger than the other. While these are perfectly normal, there is one more thing that a few new moms go through during their breastfeeding journey. Feeding only from one breast!

Yes, this is common among feeding moms and the reason for this can be aplenty. And just in case you didn’t know, this can also make your breasts look lopsided. From the baby’s preference to blocked ducts and inverted nipples, here’s why some moms feed only from one breast.

1.    Anatomical differences

Just in case you didn’t know, one breast is larger than the other for all women. Also, after delivery, it is natural for some women to lactate only from one side because of the active ducts on that side. Generally, the left breast might have better working ducts than the right. Furthermore, the breast that your baby rejects might have an inverted nipple, blocked ducts or might be engorged.

2.    Baby’s preference

Some babies (including mine) have a breast preference right from birth. Usually, this happens simply due to a comfortable feeding position. However, it could also be due to other reasons like an ear infection, or post a vaccination, making it uncomfortable for the baby to sleep on one side. This situation will, however, get resolved with time.

3.    Mother’s preference

This again is purely because of comfort. Some moms might feed the baby only from one side simply because holding the baby on that side is more comfortable. Of course, sore nipples, more flow on one side and the baby’s readiness are a few other reasons.

4.    Breast mastitis

If you have mastitis in one of your breasts, chances are your baby will reject milk from that breast. This is because milk from that breast tends to taste saltier as it has low sodium content.

5.    Stiff neck

If your baby has a stiff neck due to birth trauma, he/she might be comfortable only lying on one side and will hence feed only from one breast.

How to make your baby feed on both breasts

Although feeding on only one breast is perfectly normal, you might want to avoid it simply because you breasts might end up looking lopsided. Here’s how to encourage your baby to feed on both breasts.

1.    Encourage your baby to nurse from the less-preferred breast when he is very hungry as nursing might be vigorous when he/she is hungry.

2.    Try nursing from the less-preferred breast when he/she is fast asleep

3.    Try different feeding positions

4.      Nurse on the less-preferred breast more often as it will increase the milk supply

 5.    Pump out milk from the less-used breast and offer it to your baby

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