I Would Never Do This to Roohi and I Would Like To Apologise To Alia – Karan Johar

Karan Johar, who is a mentor to many, launched Alia Bhatt in Bollywood with Student of the Year back in 2012, alongside Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. Since then, she has never looked back.

Recently, many have noticed Alia to be hitting the gym quite regularly and some say, she is pretty obsessed. But what’s the reason for her obsession? You may ask.


Well, according to Bollywood Life, it is none other than the renowned film-maker himself. Karan found Alia pleasantly plump when he first saw her, so he told her to be in better shape and it seems like she’s taken that advice pretty seriously.



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Karan, who has taken up the role of an RJ on 104.8 will share further details on his radio show. He recently revealed how he feels about knowing that he is responsible for Alia’s weight obsession.


According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, a caller asked Karan in the reverse rapid fire if he thought asking celebrities to lose weight for a role amounted to body-shaming, to which the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director responded, “I asked Alia to lose weight and now, when I see her hysterical about how she looks, I feel responsible.”

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He added, “She’s in the gym every day and even if she puts on an extra kilo, she goes crazy. I think I am to blame for it. Now that I am a parent, I would never do this to Roohi and I would like to apologise to Alia.”

The Dear Zindagi star stands amongst the leading actors of tinsel town and is currently shooting for Brahmastra and Gully Boy.

 Do you want to know the incredible weight loss journey of Alia Bhatt? Here you go

Alia Bhatt dreamed of being an actress since her childhood days. She herself confessed: “I just wanted to act since I was four. I watched a lot of movies.” At the age of 19, she was offered the lead role in Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year, opposite two male debutants Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. But getting the first break was not a piece of cake for her. The starlet faced one big hurdle before signing up the movie- her weight.

Just a few films old, Alia Bhatt, who has become the darling of the industry, was a chubby girl during her teen years. We know, it must be difficult to believe this considering the curves that she now flaunts so effortlessly, but the truth is she did weigh 68 kilos once. Well, read here Alia's stunning weight loss journey and see how she managed to lose her chubby looks.

When she first auditioned for the film, Alia was on the heavier side. Karan Johar made it very clear to Alia that he would consider her for the lead role only if she sheds “20 kgs in the next six months”. (Karan was right. He is behind the weight lose journey of Alia).

Alia took it as a challenge. Losing weight was not easy for Alia, but she did it for the sake of her love for acting.In an interview with a leading daily, Alia Bhatt stated: “It was sheer pain. I felt as if I was an ugly duckling. At first, I was embarrassed, but later felt angry that I had gone to meet a director in the shape I was in. I decided to shed weight first, meet him and take the role. Only that would redeem my self-respect."


Soon after, Alia went on a strict diet plan and exercise routine to fit in the role. It was due to her sheer dedication that she lost 16 kgs in three months, looking just the way Karan wanted her movie character Shanaya Singhania to be, “young, hot college girl, perfect in every way”.

Alia hits the gym at least three to four times in a week. She practices cardio almost every single day for 30-40 minutes. Besides this, she also practices yoga regularly for strength and flexibility. Her workout routine mainly consists of altitude training, beach running, swimming, kickboxing, weights, functional and circuit training. 

She gave up her favourite foods and followed a rigid diet plan. She drinks plenty of water and stays away from refined sugar, refined carbs, oily and junk food and even her favourite “French fries”.  But ice cream and sweets are her weakness.

She follows the simple mantra of low-carb, high-protein diet. She includes a lot of fibrous foods in her diet like oats, salads, fresh fruits, yoghurt, etc.

From being a chubby girl to a sensuous actress, Alia has come a long way. Her new slim and trim avatar has surely been giving some outstanding fitness goals to others out there.

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