“A natural way to love yourself Because you need taking care of too “


A first-time mother: How fragile, scary and exciting it sounds -- all at once. Some wait months to get pregnant, for others it’s a surprise. But it’s always, always emotional. Many of us don’t realise how life will change after the baby, many of us do and do everything towards the journey we are going to undertake.


It all starts in the mind. The process of discovery is a few days long: from when the test turns out positive with its two pink lines to finally the truth settling into your mind. You are pregnant. Your body is now going to be a miracle. Every single day, something new and exciting is happening quietly in your womb. And soon, your mind starts to make the plans that it needs to. The euphoria wears off, leaving in its place an quiet sort of joy, the kind that you share secretly only with a few special people. It also leaves plans, big ones and little ones. Plans for yourself and your child.


Everything from setting up your house so that it becomes comfortable to bringing your baby home to planning your money, food and health takes precedence. While the joy takes a backseat, the planner in you takes charge. Some people call it nesting, others just call it an opportunity for a mother-to-be to have it all exactly as she wants.


There’s so little you know before the baby comes, though you think you know it all because the books tell you what it is going to be like. Here’s the first thing you should know: The books don’t get close to what it is going to be like. Once you get home and find some space for yourself, the books can be your guides, but you’ll just have to rely heavily on the help of friends and family, advice from your mother perhaps and your own kindness to get through new parenthood. As they say, labour is the easiest part of being a mother.


When you become a mother, you’ll almost always put away time that you would have used for yourself for your baby. Want to finish reading that chapter? Just after you’ve bathed the baby. Want to get your eyebrows done? Oh, next week when the baby is just a bit older. Feel like going to out to see your friends? No, I think I’ll do that when the baby starts to eat other food. So much so that you don’t even have the time to cream your feet or get yourself a head massage. Here’s some advice for you, new mommy: Take time out for yourself. When your baby toddles off to playschool, you’ll one day look at your hands, the frizzy hair on your head in your Mum haircut and you’re going to wonder who this is. Well, we’ll tell you. This is the mother who enjoyed being with the baby every single moment. BUT this is also the woman who sort of forgot about herself because the baby had become all important. Time to find that young girl, that young woman so full of life, who has things to say outside of motherhood, to find that woman who carries her baby around comfortably while remembering she’s also everything else that a woman is. It is time, then, dear mother, to find the perfect solution to the little things that no one pays attention to but should.