Nasty nanad (Sister-in-law)? Here’s why you should never ignore her!

Modern day nanads are different. Check out the relationship between Soha Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.  While Soha is 2 years older than Kareena they both seem to share a cordial relationship and happy in their spaces.

Soha is pregnant now and Kareena has gone on record to say that she would gift Soha a copy of Rujuta Diwekar’s latest book on pregnancy health and thinks she is looking super “cute.”

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My relationship with my sister-in-law began the day I got married.

The lunch was served at 4.30 pm! So late in the evening my hunger had died down and I just wanted to go out for a drive.

I was still wearing my shimmering red 9-yard saree and stared despondently at the banana leaf piled high with rice, sambar, podithool, curry, papadam and a hundred other things I knew not the names of. I was the picture of a bored bride!

I am a Tamilian married to a Palakkad Iyer (no, they are not the same. We are not all Madrasis. Everything is different).

That’s when my sister-in-law came and asked if i wanted to finish it. “Then why are you still sitting? Get up... Don’t worry about the food,” she said and quietly walked away before anybody noticed her.

Tall and slender, smart but never a show-off, my sister-in-law (husband’s sister) is truly one of a kind. In any gathering she towers above any group (literally too, because she is 5’8!). A feminist to the core and a mother to two simply stunning daughters, this woman has taught me so much about grace and élan that I am yet to stop learning.

Married at a very young age into a family of extraordinary achievers she learnt every day. She learnt to be confident in her statements and believe in her abilities in face of IIT-IIM stalwarts. This investment in her inner soul has given her a mojo that attracts the whole family to her like a magnet.

Here are the things she taught me:


Mine was the first pregnancy in the family in her maika. She flew-down for the 11th day ceremony all the way from Singapore and gifted my baby a smooth pair of gold bangles. I loved the design and loved the emotion that went with it.

Keeping family together

In any gathering aware that I have a language barrier with the rest of the group, she ensured that organised many many parties where she made it a point to include me. This made me feel very welcome and wanted in the household.


When we first went to visit her in Singapore, she gave me something I’ll never forget- a simple foldable pram so that I didn’t have to carry my baby everywhere in the baking hot sun. We as parents hadn’t thought of it in our packing.

Relationship advice

My sister in law is the queen of family parties. Yet the relationship she has maintained with her maika (her parents and cousins from her side of the family) is something I am still learning from her. Never intrusive but always interested, she is the sister I am proud to have after my marriage.

Never reveal personal info

While she is intimate in all her conversations she had taught me to be circumspect about things with regards to privacy also.

So go ahead ladies, try and get to know your sister-in-law.