Nanny care or Daycare !

Today, with many families being nuclear families and both parents working, they need help to take care of their children in their absence. A common dilemma of such parents is whether to have a nanny at home or to put the child in a day care center.


Nanny There is no question that an "at-home" care giver is a first choice for most moms because of the sheer convenience of the arrangement.Pros:
  • No need to drop off and pick up the child and there is a lot of flexibility in general
  • The nanny can give complete attention to the child in terms of hot food at the right time, taking care of any special needs the child might have etc.
  • The child doesn't fall sick as often since he/she is not exposed to germs from other kids who may be sick at daycare
  • If you have more than 1 child, it makes more sense financially
  • Will be easier for the child to attend extra-curricular activities within the apartment complex
  • There is a possibility of the nanny sticking your child in front of the TV for hours while she talks on the phone, not feeding your child properly etc.
  • Depending on the nanny's background, the child might pick up bad habits or language from the nanny
  • You always have to have an alternative solution for the days when the nanny takes the day off without prior notice
  • There is also a possibility of abuse in this private scenario. There have been cases reported of nannies drugging the child with cough medicine that could induce drowsiness so that the child is sleeping all the time. Recently there was a viral video doing the rounds on social networking sites that showed a nanny abusing an infant because it was crying a lot- the worst nightmare of every parent. In India, there have also been incidents of nannies renting the child out to be a beggar on the streets and such other criminal behaviour.
Daycare centerPros:
  • Tend to be more professional and there is a sense of accountability
  • Kids pick up social skills and learn to adapt better
  • The holiday calendar is scheduled in advance so the parents can make arrangements for those days
  • Younger children fall sick more often in the group setting catching infections from others.
  • The ratio of children to care givers might be too high resulting in not enough attention for your child.
  • You also cannot have flexible time at work and have to pick up the child before the day care centre closes.
While there is no one size fits all and each parent has to work with his or her own constraints and situations, from the point of view of child safety, overall, a public place seems to be a conservatively safer choice Vis a Vis an unknown single care giver. However a lot rests on the trust worthiness of the care giver. So one needs to be very diligent about working with a caregiver whose background can be checked. Children are basically at the mercy of the care giver. Sometimes they are too scared to tell their parents the truth and not everybody can install CC cameras at home to monitor the situation. Working with references is the best option rather than trying somebody new and of course in the end, trust your instincts.