My very own Enchanted Woods

I loved reading books as a kid. The more magical they were the better! They had the power to

transport me into a world that was all good, one where families were perfect and friends had

your back, one where the line between right and wrong wasn’t dimmed with the elusive

“grey area”, one where magic existed, magicians roamed freely and differences accepted and

embraced even.

Yes I loved reading those books. Cheesy? Maybe. Inspiring? Most definitely.

My most favourite in that genre was The Enchanted Woods series by Enid Blyton. Oh, was the

series magical! I remember going into the library at school week after week seeking the

same one out. I would shut the world out, didn’t matter where I was seated, could be the

cold floor even but time would just breeze past – almost magically! I loved everything about

them! The fact that it was “The Enchanted Woods” of course but the characters! Oh my ! I

loved how diverse they were, yet loyalty was a common, most strong bond. I loved how each

of them had their own talents and together they were a force to reckon with! I absolutely

LOVED how quirky each of them was and how no one ever tried changing that about each

other. The quirkiness was embraced, respected, encouraged even.

This wasn’t just a dreamland of sorts for a then 10-11 year old, it was my projection of what I

would love for my life to shape up to be! The thrill of moving to a new place, the fantasy of having

crazy friends and the adventures that we embarked on together! Sounded perfect. My very

own Enchanted Woods! The dream!

Then I grew up. And so did my dream. I now wanted stability not adventure, I wanted

security not the unknown, I wanted similar friends? Who had the time to try and adjust

right? I had it all sorted and planned. The perfect life! What I didn’t know was that you

inspire the universe conspires!

I moved to a new country – one I never wanted to live in ever! And one where other than my

immediate family I knew no one. I was miserable. Where was all the security? The stability?

The comfort of the “known”? Why was this happening to me? It was everything I didn’t

want! Life is so unfair! Sigh!

And then – BAM! It happened! I bumped into someone who asked me

something so stupid that I swore never to keep in touch with them.

But she stayed! Refused to leave! Handed me food, looked out for my kid and

planned coffee dates. I started looking forward to seeing her more often, to exchanging

stories, to make more plans! I met more strangers who did something strange to me – they

made me believe! In my fairy tale! In the dream I had nurtured as a kid! In the richness of

having diverse friends! In the adventures we would embarked on together! It was happening

to me – in a strange land with strange people, each of them charmingly quirky, each of

them so different that you couldn’t help but enjoy the differences.

I saw the Moon-Face Man, Silky the Fairy, Saucepan Man, The Angry Pixie, Mister

Watsizname, Dame Washalot all come to life! Yes! It was all happening – TO ME!

I don’t read those books now. I don’t need to! I treasure them yes, but I now have my own

Woods. Enchanted, Magical, Perfect.