My life was saved because my breasts grew while I was pregnant

Cancer is bad enough, but to be pregnant and be diagnosed with stage 3 cancer ....that needs strength that only moms have. All through her rounds of chemotherapy it was the hope of keeping her baby that gave Chelsea Nally strength.

Surprisingly, it was the pregnancy that helped her detect the deadly disease too! How? As her breasts changed and grew because of the pregnancy, the lump moved and was easily found.

Read this story of triumph as a mother walks out of chemo, with her newborn intact! 

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Admin clerk Chelsea Nally found a lump on her left breast as her cup size grew from A to DD when she was expecting.

But treating the potentially deadly stage-three cancer piled even more agony on her, Sunday People reports.

She had six rounds of ­chemotherapy over six months, losing her hair and not knowing how it would ­affect her unborn second son.

Chelsea, 27, said: “Battling a deadly illness while growing new life inside of me was ­indescribable.

"The chemo was tough but nothing compared with the fear my baby might not survive the treatment.”

Chelsea’s breasts had felt swollen and sore ten days into her pregnancy – just as when she expected Kaylan, now three.

But she also felt a knot-like lump on her left side.

She and engineer husband Daniel, 25, were worried and Chelsea went to the GP for tests.

At eight weeks ­pregnant the cancer was confirmed.

Doctors told her it was unusual for a lump to move and she might never have found it if her breasts had not changed.

Medics initially talked about Chelsea having an abortion to save her life but that was ruled out. Tests showed cancer had not spread to her lymph nodes.

She said: “It was a huge relief. No part of me wanted to abort my child. I was determined to fight the disease for the both of us.”

In November, at 12 weeks, Chelsea, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, had the lump removed. Chemo began four weeks later. She said: “I was warned it could pose a risk of a miscarriage.”

Medics gave her a scan after every chemo session.

She said: “With every scan, Daniel and I would hold hands watching the monitor, ­desperately ­hoping to see a sign our baby was ­growing. Every time medics confirmed I was still pregnant, it gave me strength to fight the cancer.”

In March, Chelsea was induced and healthy son Finley was born weighing 5lbs 3oz. She said: “When I heard that first cry, I knew everything was OK. I was filled with relief.

Mum and son went home after a week in hospital. Chelsea had a double ­mastectomy in May to remove all traces and future risk of the cancer.

She said: “I won’t be able to breastfeed which is a shame. But I am just so grateful that Finley and I are alive.

“If I hadn’t got pregnant, my breasts would have remained the same size and I’d have never detected the lump and got it checked out.”