My Child is My ME TIME

Rearing a child is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a phase that remains beyond comparison. When my child was born, it was a given for me that till I could, I would be all for her. Too mommmiesh, right? But yes, that is what it is for me and I really do not mind it. I have lost on a lot many friends, my social life is next to zilch, my plans to join a gym have never really seen an execution and my passions and hobbies all seemed to have vanished as well. Yes, I literally have no me-time and I am okay with it. For someone who sees me just hanging around my little one attending to her chores, this all is nothing but being ‘lazy’. Well, to each one his own!So what makes me such a spoilt sport and advocate against having Me Time?
  • Children literally grow by each minute. It amuses me to witness all the antics my little one indulges in and I dread missing even one of them! For me its like – I could stay awake the entire night just to watch her sleep! I have witnessed her smiling away in her sleep at times bursting into cute giggles. During afternoons she ends up playing by herself and its fun to watch her do so. Like at times taking my scarf and putting it round her, or at times just sitting with whatever she can lay her hands on and just play! I cannot afford to deprive myself of witnessing all of this!
  • Spending time with her is a learning experience. I discovered my lost passion for painting with her. She literally forces me to sit with her and accompany her as she put her colors to the paper. Similarly, because she is not a rice eater, I forced myself to learn how to prepare rotis! Would I have done it otherwise…. Nah! I don’t think so!


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  • With hubby being away because of work most of the times, she is left with just one parent and if I decide to take ‘Me Time’, I do not think it is right to deprive her of her mom and dad both! She really does not understand this ‘Me Time’ business. She needs her family around her. Period.
Spending time with her is as good as having my ME TIMEYes, quite literally. As I get drowned in her innocence, I realize that being around her is actually quite therapeutic. In fact, if I am alone, I get my mind occupied with thoughts that most often than not aren’t too pleasant. She allows me to escape with her in her beautiful world where patience, innocence and purity surround us all the time.As for getting through with household chores and some work that I take up occasionally, there is plenty of time in hand once she hits the bed.Kids grow up really fast! It is still hard to believe that she is six already! Feels like just yesterday she came into our world. It really isn’t long before she grows up and has a life of her own surrounded by her peers. I am sure there would be ample ‘forced’ opportunity for ME TIME then! Till then, I am enjoying my ME TIME with her!