Murphy’s Law for little ones

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As parents, more often than not, things don’t go our way as much as our kids’ ways. Here are some hilarious examples of Murphy’s law as evidenced with young kids –1. Kids sleep/eat/poop much easier with the significant other of the primary caregiver making the former feel like Superman and the latter like a liar.2. Toddlers poop only when their diaper has been changed.3. Kids want to pee/poop only and exclusively only when mom sits down with dinner.4. Only when you’re super smug about making their favorite meal, they hate it and with a vengeance, especially in public.5. As soon as you raise your camera phone to shoot a video of something adorable they did, they’ll stick their tongue out at you and refuse to repeat it.

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6. Kid's sick days always coincide with long awaited vacations.7. Kids will rise before adults only on weekends or public holidays.8. Spills occur only on brand new clothes.9. After a bath is the best time to get messy with PlayDoh, finger paints and what not. Spit ups, spills, and everything else happens only10. They have to pee only when everyone else is ready, out of the door and buckled inside the car even though you asked them a million times before stepping out the front door.Just when you think you can't take it anymore; the little monsters turn into lovely little Angels that make you go awwww. :)Featured Image Source