My Mum’s Special Christmas Message And My Version Of Kid-Friendly Christmas Wine

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Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking of doing something different for Christmas. So I decided to have a quick chat, an informal interview with my lovely mother. I loved finding out what different families do – it made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside, and gave me lovely ideas of things I might introduce with my toddler. So to carry on the festive cheer, I’ve asked my mum, one of my most favorite people, what Christmas meant to her and what her favorite tradition was while growing up…Here is an interview with a person who was the greatest influence in my life, an excerpt of my interview with my beautiful mother; a fantastic mother and an amazing woman. Well this was exciting!

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Please meet my mum, Annie, 60, grew up in Brunei and worked as a school teacher for a few years. She then gave up her career to look after her family and boy did she do a great job at that! Thanks Ma.1. Ma, tell me about why Christmas is important to you? Christmas is a time for introspection. To examine how much you have influenced others in a good way and if not what you can change in order to do the same. It’s also a time to help people in need. I grew up with parents and grand parents who gave so much (both monetary and emotional support) to others. Their memories are strongly etched in the minds of people who knew them. They made a difference. I guess if there is one important thing I have learnt from them, it is to stay grounded, be humble and help in small ways which can help make the world a much better place. Of course there needs to be no specific time of the year to help people; but doing something out of the ordinary during Christmas makes it truly unique.2. Mum, you are such a fabulous cook, what and who are your cooking inspirations - a famous chef, Grandma, a cookbook…. I certainly know it’s not a blog! Hahaha…. Yes you are right about that, no food blog! I still don’t browse through culinary blogs, I haven’t seen your food blog for the past 2 years I think! Sorry about that. I am proud of you but that’s just not me.My cooking inspirations are first and foremost my Mom, your lovely Grandma.  Throughout my whole life I have watched her cook meals from scratch not using a recipe but improvising, and creating dishes from experience and talent. She was a great cook and a wonderful person. She gave to her heart’s content. And she loved seeing people enjoy her food. That gave her the passion to cook more. And I feel the same. I enjoyed experimenting with different dishes and cooking them up just to see that special smile, and the gestures that go with it. Your father, sister and yourself were always encouraging and your loving appreciation was all I needed to experiment more with food, playing with flavors is something I love. I’m sure now that you are a mum, you feel the same emotions I felt while you were growing up!3. Oh thanks Ma. Your food was amazing and so very special. Cannot wait to have some special goodies on our next trip.Ma, what is your most favorite memory of Christmas or rather what was your favorite Christmas tradition?Apart from the festivities involved in arranging a huge banquet for almost all of our friends and family, the most fun tradition was being a part of the ritual of making home-made grape wine. A Christmas meal isn’t complete without a glass of aromatic wine. Wine and a piece of home-made fruit cake was and still is the ideal combination. The ritual usually started around October where all of us were given tasks of cleaning the specially sourced grapes, measuring out other ingredients etc…This was a long-standing tradition for Christmas. But these days, most of us depend on store-bought wines and hardly have the time to prepare these at home.4. Ma, is there a special Christmas message you would like to tell the younger generation of today?This year like every year seems to have passed very quickly. It would be great if you kids could slow down a little. My message is not just to the children but to all of you out there. Make this Christmas a truly special one.Give without expecting to receive. Bring out your unselfish self and learn to shareGive Respect and honor to people and situations wherever it is dueTake an effort to be kind and graciousMake this Christmas season more about others and less about yourselfWishing You All A Merry Christmas And A Blessed New Year! Hope you had fun reading through the interview with my most special person, my mum.I don’t make wine at home. But this year I decided to have a special drink for Christmas that can be enjoyed by all. A delicious and refreshing drink you can serve up for your family Christmas brunch/lunch or dinner. A sure hit with your little ones.For Donna's recipe of a child-friendly wine, click here