Move over mommies, aunts are the coolest EVER!

Kareena and Karishma

The one person who is just as excited about our babies’ success and as protective of our rather personal heartbreaks is our sister. God bless aunties!

I have an older sister and my best friend has a younger sister. Between us we are certain that aunts are God’s blessing to every child!

Right from the day my sister brought home my nephew, I felt a newfound love for her. My nephew is the light of my life, the first man I gave my heart to and the one boy I will root for till the very end! I see the same thing in my sister too. As mums, wives, sisters and daughters we share and help each other in so many ways that I have come to understand why they are called maasi in Hindi. Aunts really are maa si – just like mums.

Aunts are wacky and the best gift givers!

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When the children want strange minion faced bath towels, aunts are the ones who scour the market for the perfect beach towel that is canary yellow with Minion emblazoned on them! They never bore the child and openly cackle and laugh. They lighten up every atmosphere by giving non-standard gifts that appeal to the child in us!


Aunts pamper their nieces and nephews like no other!

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When mommie dearest is down with the blues is the shining moment for the aunts to rise. They offer hot sooji halwa to the mommy and quietly take kids to the bedroom to play with the phone/tablet. They just know how to set the mood right by pampering both mom and child. They take the best photos, laugh when we say “I want to be Doraemon when I grow up” and enjoy the child in us. 


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Aunts give you perspective and real time help!

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If you are in serious trouble – go to your aunt. Not your mom who will hyperventilate ‘about maid not coming, flush not working, daddy’s job is in problem, plus you had to go and have this accident.’ Aunts know who to call and set the problem right. I sometimes think its aunts who are solving half of the world’s problems!


Aunts are always on the child’s side.

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In any argument, I can still recall my mother taking the other kids side. Never my aunt! She is and will always remain my favourite ally.


Aunts never judge!

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Aunts are the coolest because they are the last people to judge you. Whether you haven’t reached your developmental milestones as a baby or whether you are still clueless about love- aunts understand. They are the ones you can long heart to heart discussions with and will lend you their ear each time!


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