Move over girls, this is why boy babies are more fun!

When I was younger and imagined myself to be a mom, never do I remember wishing for a girl. Born into a family where girls rule the roost, I was pretty firm I wanted a taste of the other side too. I wanted to buy boy clothes, pamper him, be his first woman friend, enjoy that mom-boy bonding and what not!

And finally, my wish came true! It was a snowy morning in January. My husband and I had a doctor appointment. I was scheduled for an anomaly scan and I pretty much knew I might get to know the gender that day. After showing us the organ functioning and assuring everything was going as per plan, the lady in the blue hospital suit smiled and asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. I nodded hurriedly! After a few minutes of pin-drop silence, ‘it’s a boy’, she said a deep voice. I still remember every minute detail that happened inside that room!

Now that my doctor had confirmed it was a boy, my happiness knew no bounds and very soon I went store hopping to design my boy’s room.

And time flew past sooner than I thought and the two years only made proud and happy about being a boy mommy!

Here are 5 reasons why being a boy mommy totally rocks!


This one tops the list, undoubtedly! Gender stereotyping is not for me, but I do admit I was excited to pick cars, trucks and road roller- printed clothes as opposed to flowers and dolls. Also, the colours! We do live in a generation where colour confinement does not exist. However, I do love the fact that the concept of ‘matching’ does not apply so much to boys.

All this aside, boys are not picky! Dress them in the same pair of jeans and t-shirt and you will face no wars!


No matter how chaotic, boys will be boys! And by that I mean they will stand up for you always. They have an instinctive nature (even when they are as young as 2) to protect their mommy dearest.

Boys hug more!

Yes, you read it right! Whoever told you girls are more gentle and caring, may not be completely correct. Boys give the best hugs and kisses. As soon as you think you can’t take his craziness anymore, they melt into your arms and say the sweetest things. Need anything more to cheer up?

Boys are fun!

From throwing tantrums to being curious about things for which you absolutely have no answers, digging in the sand, hiking, and playing in the mud, boys are a complete package. They play as hard as they love!

Getting an insight of the other side!

Having grown up in a family full of girls, I am blissfully unaware of the emotions and other things boys go through. Talking to boys about their crushes, physical and mental changes, and friendships can be the best mind-expanding encounter.

Well, for now, my 2-year-old is busy exploring the new plant in my garden! So time to scoot!

Feature Image Source: Twitter