Motherhood- The Real Side *Fun Post*

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So you and your partner decided that you are ready to be parents. The world as over populated as it may be, is incomplete with your very own, 'small little world'. Your parents, uncles, aunts, in laws- everyone is telling you to have a child because it is the best thing ever to happen to you. All those cute baby pictures that your friends are posting on Facebook are adding fuel to the fire and you decide that  OMG, I need a piece of that slice of heaven that raising kids is! Fast forward a few years and you wonder what were these people conning you into !!! All those soul stirring quotes about motherhood and touching Anne Geddes' pictures of tiny fingers and toes are all a giant conspiracy!! Motherhood, the holy grail of every woman is not as hot as it is made out to be and you would be a pariah for even thinking that out loud! Realistically speaking, what kind of transitions does a woman goes through…?

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Sleep : The number one thing you have forgotten pretty much for the rest of your life is sleep. First, it is an onslaught of waking up every two hours for feeding and diapering and then, it is waking them up for school or sports or math tuition for the next 18 years. By the time they are off to college, you are an oldie who has forgotten how to sleep in.Your Body: You have the much glorified “mom’s body” – beautifully scarred with stretch marks- everything has given up on trying to defeat gravity and has just given up, or should I say 'down' ! Your supple youthful body which you took for granted, now is a thing of the past.. forever.

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Your Own Time : You cannot just go out on an impromptu 'own time' break, without considering how that impacts on those little brats of yours that you so lovingly created. Initially, this includes even going to the toilet. Everything needs planning- going to the store, Chai with a friend, trip to the theatre, a stand-up comedy show on a whim on a Saturday night- those are a thing of the past. Everything now requires elaborate planning and orchestration.Your Vacation : Your ideas of vacation have changed. No more dreaming of a trek into the wilderness, or an exotic spa by the ocean. Now your thoughts are guided by, do they have a diaper changing station in those restrooms? Kid friendly food? Pizza or Burger? Children’s play area? Video games parlour? Does the spa have child care? And the list is endless!

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Your Social Life: If you were a 'party till 4 am party animal' before children; after kids, your idea of a great time becomes “Please take my kids somewhere for sometime and and leave me alone with a cup of coffee and a book for a while” – When they are older, you are worried about being seen with a glass of wine, lest you set a bad example for your teenager. Yes- Yes- You agree... Only underage drinking is bad, but there is a lurking doubt as your child hits teenage.Your Carefree Attitude : Before kids, you were never worried even about the board exams - and now you worry about everything from your kid’s eating to pooping, sleeping and studying. Undoubtedly, it is never ending. There is no turning back from worrying about your child.Your Expectations: You expect a raise, a promotion when you do well at work. Motherhood on the other hand is an unconditional journey and it may even be worse when your kid turns around and mouths off that he hates you !! You adapt, to not expect gratitude from your kids may times!! And then, you turn around and thank your parents... LOL!

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Doubt free living: Motherhood has this amazing ability to turn you into a wondering machine. Starting with “Maybe, if I had eaten/not eaten this thing during my pregnancy”, you think and question yourself a zillion times and even try and figure out if you are the root cause of any issue with your kid! This remains a constant.We give up a lot in life to become parents.  A mom rightly said, "Motherhood makes you b'ful but it's like changing from plain flannel pj pants to black yoga pants with stains all over, which still qualifies as ‘getting dressed’. It is kind of like the Motherhood Conspiracy :)Featured Image Source