Mother Lies Dead By Tracks, Infant Tries To Breastfeed!

Earlier this morning, I was binging on my king-sized breakfast and soaking my senses with a cup of piping hot tea. Just when I thought it was all bright and beautiful, my eyes caught the deadliest news of the day. ‘Baby tries to breastfeed as mother lays dead’ - That was the headline of the story and that was enough for me to put my tea mug down and grab a tissue to wipe my watery eyes.

A heartbreaking incident was about a mother lying dead, alongside the railway tracks in Damoh district, Madhya Pradesh. What was worse was that her little toddler was crying in despair, trying to breastfeed on his dead mom. Reports suggest that the woman jumped off the train, with her baby clutched tightly against her chest. The 35-year-old’s body was traced and the baby has been shifted to a children’s home.

As a mother, my heart hurts to even think what the little boy must be going through. But that aside, I had one question to which there was no answer - As a State, have we failed? Suicides and depressions are not rare in a country like ours, but coming out to help in times like these has always been a question of concern.

As revealed by the sources, the hospital staff refused to admit any patient without collecting a fee of Rs 10. Here is where we almost failed as a State. A helpless boy, who has lost his mother, standing roofless, and we have people arguing about admission fee.
While this might have been the case years back, it is sad that it still is the case even today.

Our heart goes out to the little boy and yes, kudos to the ward boy who gave the requisite money. After all, good people do exist too!  

News source: NDTV