Moms, we know what you are thinking about (But don’t have the guts to say it!)

There definitely no debating the fact that motherhood is the most beautiful experience for any woman. The joy of holding your newborn in your arms, feeling those tiny fingers and toes and that baby smell can just have no parallel. However, once all the ‘new mom joy’ wears off, you are sure to find yourself in a completely different state.

Cleaning baby poop, breastfeeding, answering those annoying pammy aunty questions and of course let’s not even talk about the laundry pile! And if you are nodding now or smiling, this one’s definitely for you.

From ‘did I make this baby’ to ‘why are you making her cry’, here are 7 things all Indian moms think about, but never had the guts to say!

1. Forget baby names, I’m shit scared!

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Let’s admit it! While every mommy-to-be is on cloud nine about her new journey, somewhere in there, she definitely is dreading it. The labour pain, bleeding down there, the stitches, holding the baby and breast feeding, there’s a huge list mommies are scared about during the 9 months journey.

2. ‘Was this a mistake’?

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We are sure at some point all mothers have said this to ourselves! Well, if you haven’t you are going wrong somewhere. A messy house, piles of laundry, toddler tantrums, misbehaving in public, the labour pain and more can make us doubt our decisions.

3. Oh, he looks like.....

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And finally you have pushed out that three and a half kilo thing out, congrats and welcome to the game of resemblance. From the baby’s features to hair, skin and even the finger nails, you will have a bunch of people waiting out there to talk JUST about that. Oh, who cares if the baby is cute, we are more concerned about who he resembles! And let’s not even get into that ego boost if, by mistake, your little one takes after your in-laws. That said, we mommies also get that not-so-sure look when someone says the baby resembles us! Should we not take that as a compliment rather than gracefully saying 'Oh really! You are the first one to say this!'

4. The song void

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So you plan to play antakshari with family on a Friday night (obviously because you are not allowed in pubs) and the only songs that come to your head are nursery rhymes or at least the tune and all those song scenes are replaces by Mickeys and Minions! Well, welcome to motherhood!

5. Think you finally have a bond with your baby? Maybe not!

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And so you finally sailed through three gruelling months and feel you have established the ‘unshakable’ bond with your new born. Just as you soak in the joy, it’s time for you to say hello to reality and get back to work. So a care-taker in the form of grandparents enter the picture, stealing away all your attention, simply because they are fully in charge of the baby.

6. Me time is wasted time!

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Post baby there is no ‘me time’. However, when your little one is away at his grandma’s or at the park with daddy, you feel like you have the house to yourself. But wait! That’s not true! Mommies, we know how you suddenly run short of things on your to-do list and end up waiting for your baby to come back. It becomes almost impossible to stay alone!

7. The weekend rule!

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You slog and sweat it out over the weekdays and there is this magic man who shows up only over weekends! Yes, we are talking about the father figures in every home. And then kids go berserk over that man, just because he plays football and knows to hold a cricket bat. Weekends are all about dads, aren’t they?

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