Mommy Expectation vs Reality

mommy imagination with kids vs reality- Parenting resources by ZenParent
As mommies, at every stage in our lives, we have these fantasies of how things are going to pan out. When we’re breastfeeding, we day dream about the potty trained days. When we're still carrying them around, we imagine how much easier it will be when they start walking. When they’re going to preschool for a couple of hours, we start thinking about them being in school all day long. And so on.The thing is - our imagination is so much better than the reality sometimes. Case in point:1. Birthday party and giftsFantasy – You’ve got it all set out – a “Thomas- the train” theme party and an awesome new “Thomas- the train” railway set is also arranged. You imagine your 3 year old enjoying the attention, the ‘theme’, the cake; having a whale of a time with the friends you’ve invited and something he’s going to cherish the entire year. And oh, everyone’s in awe of your party throwing capabilities!Reality – He and/or a bunch of friends are weeping from the crowd and the noise, excess sugar consumed, hunger or a combination of things. The expensive gift you got him is lying in the corner while he’s having fun with the wrapping. You’re exhausted from catering to everything and have juice on your dress and chips in your hair. You’ll be damned if you throw another party again. Until.. next year..

mom expecations vs reality messy birthday- Parenting resources by ZenParent

2. Trip to the zoo/museumFantasy – You get ready, pack snacks, leave and arrive on time, hire a stroller, enjoy a day in the sun while watching exhibits and your kids have a wonderful educational day.Reality – No one wakes up, much less gets ready on time. You arrive at noon when the sun is in all its glory. The kids zip through the place and you’re left trudging a stroller and running after them. They find everything “boring” and claim the gift shop is the best exhibit. And you’re left wondering what prompted you to plan this day.stroller3. Trip to the beach Fantasy – A fun, relaxing day for catching up on reading, relaxing, collecting seashells while the kids make sand castles or explore the water with their dad.Reality – What’s relaxing? Dad takes one kid to the water, can’t manage the other. The other wants to be with him in the water and is wailing. You’re trying to console her but she doesn’t want to make sand castles. Instead she throws sand all over herself, you, those sandwiches you packed, the book you got for yourself to read and the spare set of clothes. And then proceeds to run like the wind. You’re caught between chasing her and babysitting all of your stuff.

beach reality with kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

4. Day at the moviesFantasy – Some quiet time with the family at the movies watching a nice Disney flick.Reality – Between shushing them, buying popcorn for the umpteenth time (most of it ends up on the floor) and taking them out to the loo every now and then, where did the movie go?kid-crying-in-movie-theater5. School daysFantasy – He’ll love school, make friends, learn a lot and absolutely want to go every single day.Reality – He hates everything, fights with everyone, throws a tantrum every single day and says all he enjoys is the bus ride back home.

kids at school expectations vs reality- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Almost nothing matches. But you simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Some days it's all worth it and for the other days? There's always chocolate and wine!Image Source: via Google Images