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What does it mean when I've already fed my baby and she's still cranky? What is the best kind of diaper to use when my baby already has a rash? What do I do if my baby won't stop hiccoughing? Of course you'll have all these questions when you're an expectant or new mother. And you can't call up your doctor with every tiny question, can you? That's why you have Great Beginnings, a community of mothers and experts to help you, whenever you need it.

You remember those days when your grandmother had answers to everything under the cloudy grey sky - those days before it became evident that you also needed science and modern medicine before you could accept advice about pregnancy, childbirth or child care? Those days are certainly gone, but you can treat Great Beginnings like your modern granny. She has all the advice you need through ZenExperts and chat forums, and she brings you great personalised deals for products and services through coupons and deep discounts. That's all not just for your baby; it's also for you because ZenParent strongly believes that mother care is just as important as child care.

We've made a small video on what you can expect at Great Beginnings. Watch it! And do sign up with her.

We've made a small video on what you can expect. Watch it! And do sign up with us.